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Sand in my crack Hall Pass


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Hi friends,

I find myself in need of another hall pass for Wed. August 23rd through Sun. the 27th.

My family started up a small trucking company 2 years ago as a joint venture with my two sisters and their spouses, my mom and Keith and I. Well, this week I am required to attend a conference on DOT and Haz Mat regulations. Doesn't that sound like fun? :roll:

The up side of it is that it is being held in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Shucks, an all expenses paid trip to the Virgin Islands, I guess I can't complain too much. I may be in boring seminars all day, but at least the evenings will be mine and in beautiful sandy settings.

I just hope that I can maintain somewhat. I know it will be hard for me to be in such a romantic place without my Keith. I've never been anywhere without him, I'm sure I will have my sad moments. I just hope somewhere in that time I can find some relaxation and peace too. Maybe, just maybe if God is merciful, I can even have 5 minutes of fun.

So, I will miss you all very much, but I am off to swim in the ocean, burn my white white skin, and get sand in my crack :lol:

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Make sure you do not drink too many of those tropical drinks with the Paper umbrellas. Oh wait if you save the umbrellas you won't get sunburned. Have a blast see ya whenya get back :wink::mrgreen:

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