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Need some prayers/good thoughts for my dad this time....


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I am busy nesting. I have been really good, only checked e-mail once a day with the wireless in my bedroom. Barely checked the boards. However I just needed to get some phone numbers from the net, so since I am up......

My dad had an abdominal ct-scan today, he is having a prostate procedure tomorrow (nothing serious)......and of course a 1cm density something showed up in his lung.............never a dull moment

He has been having bad hack pain and not exercising lately but he said that is a srain. You can all imagine where my mind is right now :(

I am a pig of resources, the urologist said he should see a lung dr. Even my parents k now thte drill, he needs a chest ct-scan, so I called my mom's oncologist to see if they will order one. I mean why take the extra steps with other drs when in reality we need a ct scan. I will keep you posted.

Back to nesting, although being the 4th time around, it is almost like why bother :)

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Thanks everyone! His chest ct scan is tomorrow and he sees the pulmonologist on Friday at 2pm. Friday is my last day of house arrest, so not sure if I can go to the appointment. I just called my dr and left a message.

It took me so much work (thankfully just phone work from bed) to get him all scheduled :) His GP office were monkeys and I got so upset at them that I yelled :oops: I felt terrible b/c I knew my dad would not approve, but I made sense b/c they called back my parents 10 minutes later and said I was right.

Reality is reality, yes more often than not things on scans are innocent. However innocient or not, a 1cm area of abnormality showed up on his lung from an abdominal ct-scan. A chest ct scan is the next step. What good would waiting a week for a GP to listen to his chest be before ordering it? :)

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