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We got Tim's CT scan results today and they are good!! The 1st scan after his surgery showed a nodule in his right lung and some shadows, but the onc thought is was due to inflammation from the lung surgery. The 2nd one showed the same things, but he and the radiologist agree that it sure looks like inflammation and not tumor. He said he would consider it NED!! Love to hear that. 8)

Tim came home from the hospital on Wednesday. His vocal cord surgery worked great, but they gave him an antibiotic that really disagreed with him. Vomiting and diarrhea big time. He only ate a few spoonfuls of yogurt on Wed. and today. He was supposed to have chemo today and we went in for the scan results. I knew they wouldn't give him chemo, but they gave him a liter of fluids. I had to take him in a wheelchair because he was too weak to walk, but he pick up a bit after the fluids. He'll have more tomorrow.

Sorry, this is supposed to be the good news section and here I am rambleing on about this. But I know that this is temorary and he had a good scan and his strong voice is back...so I just concentrate on the good stuff. :D:D


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Thats great news Annie...so happy for Tim!!


p.s. if you would be able to send me a pm or reply back here (whichever you prefer) I would appreciate it if you told me some more about the vocal chord surgery. My dad lost his voice due to the tumor pressing on and damaging on of the chords and was told about the surgery. He really wants to have it done so if you could enlighten me on it that would be great!

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