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low appetite


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Hi All,

Just wanted some feedback from all you folks. My mother had asked me to buy some Ensure for my father because he has been having problems with his appetite lately. With daughter's intuition, I had already bought some from Walmart over the weekend. My mother said that he recently bought himself some whole milk and has been drinking that. I guess he feels really bloated and full after only eating a little. This is the first I've heard of his appetite problems.

Just wondering what other people's experience is with this. Of course, paranoid me is thinking the worse and that this is a big indication of bigger complications to come.

A common side effect of cyberknife is low appetite, but he his last treatment of that was the first week of August.

Another thought is that there is some cancer near his pancreatic region. Is this an indication that it this area is advancing.

Just a little overwhelmed right now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bundle,


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My dad lost a ton of weight and had no appetite for about 4 months. What really helped him was the prescription MEGACE (Megestrol)

It is in a liquid form and he took one capful every morning. (It was really yuck) But it really worked. He gained back about 27 pounds and it really made a difference.

You can ask your doctor. One side effect is blood clots, but my dad was anemic so that wasn't an issue for him ever.

Also, lots of high calorie foods out there that your dad can try- smoothies and shakes are great too. I remember someone did an ensure and ice cream shake that sounded really good.

Talk to your doctor. He's got to eat to keep his strength and there may be a med out there that will help him.

Keep us posted.


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LC patients frequently have low appetites because of chemo, radiation, medications, etc. They are not hungry, are frequently nauseous and nothing tastes right. Therefore, they are not good judges of when to eat. The patient needs an advocate who will insist on intake of liquids and nutrients on a regular basis.

We have found that eating small portions or snacks every 2-3 hours works better than three big squares a day. It also keeps down the nausea. Things like Ensure, Boost, Smoothies, blender drinks, pudding, ice cream, milk shakes, Frosties, etc. are good things to try. Don

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