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My dad's chest ct results--Updated 8/29 after biopsy


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Do multiple nodules makeit more or less likely to be cancer? I guess it does not matter, we just have to wait. The report says:

"Scattered pulmonary nodules are seen. Most prominent in the right upper lobe where the largest nodule measures more than 1cm. Pet scan would be appropriate."

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My dad is in the same boat right now. He has multiple nodules that have grown. He had a PET scan today. I believe this will rule out cancer in his case and prove it is from his bacterial infection. Could your dad have a bacterial infection like my dad? He has MAC (mycobacterium avium complex), which is found in our environment everywhere. But, when your immune system is compromised it can develop in your lungs. In my dad's case, his immune system was compromised from his diabetes. MAC is controllable with antibiotics. Anyway, I hope it is nothing like Ginny was saying.

Take care.

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Thanks everyone!

Tina I hope for good news about your dad too. I don't think it is an infection, he feels fine, this was a surprise. What "bothers" my dad is that he had his yearly chest xray in June and it was normal (or so they said ;) )

We see the pulmonologist tomorrow at 2pm. We were fortunate that they got us in right away.

Meanwhile I am doing my best to stay calm in case the quadruplets decide to stick :) Pregnancy test is not until next week. I think I am internalizing my nerves b/c I developed this funky spasm/twitch on the left side of my stomach today which comes and goes and is annoying. I guess 6 days is too soon for it to be a kick ;) Heheee

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Hi Andrea,

Joels CT came out with an increase in his nodule in his good lung which grew by 50% but it was so small to begin with. It was 4 mm now it is 8mm. They aren't really concerned unless it gets to be a cen.

But Joel is also getting a pet scan after labor day.

Prayers and fingers crossed for you dad. Like Connie has said many times, having nodules does NOT mean C.


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I am preparing myself just in case, and Dr Hatch (fertility doc) is on vacation next week, although she is reachable and her staff is there.

So anyway, I called the office, left a message and said "tell Dr Hatch my dad needs a Pet Scan, I am worried about my anxiety level, I want to make sure I can't take anything". My question has to do with at this point, before even being pregnant/hoping for embryo attachment, what is more beneficial: a xanax if needed to calm down or nothing. It is SO easy for one to say "don't worry, relax", but we all know we can't take our own advice all the time :)

The girl had me laughing, she said "a pep scan?". I said "pet". She said "pip".I said "pet like the animal, trust me, it will make sense to her" :)

Now I just have to hope she calls back before the pulmonlogist appointment later so I don't get "caught" out of the house one day early. I already asked her if I can go to the dr and her reasoning of no, did not match mine. She said sitting in the car and moving around that way was not the issue at this date, she wants me home to be totally relaxed and also not to catch germs at a medical facility. Well I can go out tomorrow, so to me, 12 hours won't make a difference. And we all know I won't take well to sitting home and not hearing things first hand from the pulmo and asking my questions :)

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It seems there just is never a good time for worrisome news. I am certainly remaining optimistic that all will be found to be okay. Fred's nodules were found while expecting to find nothing and 13 months later there has been no change. But just the angst of knowing they are there is disturbing, I know. Thinking of you and sending CALMING vibes, Andrea!


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Hey Andrea ~

I hope your Dad has a great Pap...ooops...I mean PET :lol::lol:, as well!

His nodules sound similar to mine. I have multiples, too, (5 at last count...?) with the largest being 7 x 10 or 11 mm, depending on the scan (slice aquisition, and such) :roll: I have been basically stable, with the exception of a few new ones, for 1 1/2 years, now. TRY not to worry too much, okay? Some studies indicate that more than 7 or 8 nodules usually indicates an inflammatory or other cause. Dunno....LOTS of conflicting info on nodules, out there. The doc I saw at Mayo said current data on subcentimeter nodules is showing as many as 97% - 98% of these are benign!! So, hang on to that for reassurance! Put your feet up, spoil yourself (and hopefully, those li'l quads, too!) and try not to worry.

Hoping and praying for great results, for you, and your Dad!

Yours in HOPE!!!


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My dad had his routine chest xray in June. Hmmm, guess what? Yeah, they misread the film. A spot was there. Not sure what I am going to do about it yet. That really does wonders for my neurosis.

The pulmonologist said his case is puzzling b/c there are a lot a lot of little nodules and 1 suspicous one that is l arager, about 1.1cm.

He wants to do a biopsy early next week if possible (he is waiting on scheduling). He was trying to make a case for valley fever, etc, but the chances are just sooo small based on where we live.

He said it could be an early LC and the rest of the nodules bengin, but he just does not know. I pray it is not cacner all throughout both lungs.

The PET on Tues may or may not take place, it depends when needle biopsy is done.

He asked my parents why they needed him w hen they had me b/c I was all over him with pertinent questions :):):) He was so impressed that I even had my dad stop baby aspirin the minute I heard nodule :)

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Andrea, I'm sorry I'm coming in late on this. I can't believe it. I will keep your dad in my prayers, as well as your mom and you & Brian and your future baby(ies!).

Like Lori said, thank God for LCSC which has helped make you such an expert on all this. You're a great advocate for so many -- I'm just sorry you have to add your dad to the long list now. I hope this turns out to be nothing to worry about, really, I do!

Big hub,


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