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Here's a pic of my tattoo...


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Thank you ladies!

Yes, it's big, so I won't have that regret of it being too little, huh?! lol

It did hurt a lot... I just kept telling myself if I can get through three natural child births, I can get through this! lol

I'm already thinking of the next one... ha!


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Woohooo! I love it! I'm trying to find a dragonfly, myself, that I like to get worked into my next tattoo. (Yes, NEXT LOL) Mine are done on my ankles, too and the next will be down the side of my foot (OUCH!!!). Glad to hear it came out just how you wanted it to! So, gonna get another? LOL

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Yes, Missy...there will be more! lol

Have you checked out tattoojohnny? I think that's the site anyway; they have lots of stuff on there. I just told the guy what I wanted, we looked on the net at pics of dragonflies and flowers, and he drew it on. :) What are the rest of your tattoos of? :)


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