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What to expect with a lung biopsy?


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My mom never had a biopsy, they went straight to mediastonoscopy.

On Tues I know they are doing a needle biopsy on my dad, he has to be monitored for 4 hours after, he cannot drive himself. But I don't know if I need to know anything else :)

I never realized that we will get the results right away which is nice. The pulmonologist will be there with the radiologist interventionist to look under the microscope


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I had a needle liver biopsy, (my lung nodules were too small to biopsy). I was awake and comfortable. They give you something IV to keep you calm, and I didn't feel a thing. I was totally relaxed. And I was totally aware of what was going on in the room. The doctors and nurses were talking to me the whole time. I even watched the procedure on the monitor (it was a CT directed biopsy). I too had to wait 4 hours before they would discharge me. All in all it was a piece of cake. The most painful part was getting an IV placed. If your dad has good veins, then no big deal. Hope all goes well for him and you get good news. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

God Bless,


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My tumor was toward my back so I was face down for my biopsy. I did not want to watch it and I felt pressure (they did put something - gin? - in my IV to aid with the anxiety). I wanted to be OUT for the procedure, but couldn't be because I had to hold my breath at certain times, etc.

It isn't fun, but it isn't like slamming your thumb with a hammer. Remember to "behave" afterwards, the hole in the back/lung/pleura has to heal.

Good luck to Dad!



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Andrea,mine was done via a broncoscopy type deal.I was sedated and there was minimal discomfort.Also was done during surgery and I was out of it and didn't feel anything.Also was done during a laser surgery and I was so sore after that I don't know what did me in.(I think it was the dr.they were training at the time)

I'm sure he will be fine.Wishing all of you good luck.

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I found my needle biopsy to be very uncomfortable. I was face down and did not like the pressure I was feeling. The results were inconclusive.

when I met with the surgeon the next week (for the first time) he said he would not have done the biopsy at all. My nodule was 1 cm and in a good spot to come out.

I also spent a lot of time waiting afterwords. I had a SLIGHT collapse that resolved itself.


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Alan had his needle biopsy about a month ago and I

will admit he stated it was very uncomfortable. Alan

has severe emphysema which made the likelyhood of a

collapsed lung very likely, thank goodness he just

had a small leak and only had to stay a couple extra

hours. The best news was the mass was negative. I am

praying your Dad's will also be negative. Keeping your family in my prayers

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I'm still baffled at how all of this works! How do you poke a hole in a lung?!?! Seriously, my cousin who is a pulmonologist must think I am a nut case, because I have such a cartoonish view of the human body!

At any rate, Mom didn't feel a lot of pain with hers, but they did collapse her lung partially. I panicked when I heard that, but they were able to fix her up quickly with absolute rest and...to be honest, I can't remember what else they did. That's been over 18 months ago.

I guess my point it, collapsing her lung was my biggest fear, and even that went OK. :? Lots and lots of prayers going out to you and your whole family.

:) Kelly

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I have had 2 fine needle aspiration biopsies. Both times the results were inconclusive. They are supposed to be very accurate if the results are positive and not reliable if no cancer is found so that is why they say inconclusive. I had a collapsed lung both times. I went home with a chest tube in me both times and had it removed the next day. I had a PET scan after each FNA biopsy that showed uptake. I never knew for sure if they were malignant or not until surgery. They both turned out to be malignant.

Don M

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I had a CT guided needle biopsy. I was not put out, but the IV provides enough conscious sedation that you feel nothing. They also use a topical sedation on the skin. I was lying down on my front.

After the operation, which I believe is less than an hour, they wheel you into a recovery room of sorts. You are then kept there for about 4 hours to ensure there is no collapse lung. They also took an Xray before the operation and again right before you are discharged.

I felt no pain after the biopsy.

Good luck.


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