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Allergic Reaction To Chemo


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Hi Friends

My dad went for his chemo on friday and mentioned a rash that he has to the chemo nurse, they then informed us its an allergic reaction to the chemo so he cant have it. Damn.

He has got to go back to see onc on the 6th September to discuss a different form of chemo or a lower dose. Dad now wishes he hadnt said anything because he had only got 2 more cycles to go!!!

Anybody have any encouraging comments, we are all down hearted now more time passes without treatment, how much bigger is this monster getting while the treatment stops.

What other chemo is good out there he was on gem and carbo.

Sorry for the long post feel slightly better for ranting

Love and Light


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I had an allergic reaction too, carboplatin/VP16, no rash just red and hot all over. They gave me Benedryl and the next time I got cisplatin/VP16 and everything was fine.

I got the impression that the staff were used to having to deal with this kind of thing - they had the Benedryl in me before I could blink!

Hope everything works out okay.


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My husband had a very bad reaction to his chemo , Taxol, a couple of weeks ago and ended up in the emergency room. Of course, they took him off of it

The strangest part was he had been on it for 3 weeks with no side effects what so ever. Even his drs. were puzzled. But I guess with chemo. you really can't tell what will happen. So now he is off of it.

In fact, this is his second reaction to chemo. was The first was a couple of month ago, gemzar and ireotan, it caused his blood sugars to skyrocket so his dr. stopped.

But there are other chemos I'm sure your dads' dr. is on top of it. I'm sure they will find another alternative.


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