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The ongoing story of the Duke of Earl


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Hi everyone,

Earl is doing well, still has the dizzies and some fatigue but he seems to go forward two or three steps and only back one. He has been going to customers (he is a computer analyst/programmer consultant) offices about one or two days a week. This really helps him emotionally and psychologically.

Scans (MRI and CT) are scheduled week of 9/22. Neurosurgeon 9/30, radiation onc 10/9 and thoracic surgeon and med onc on 10/14. So of course, as you all know this is hand wrenching time.

Something WEIRD is also happening this weekend. Our plans were:

Friday night - go to my company's dinner at a lovely restaurant (As the other woman know, I had thoroughly planned my outfit etc.)

Saturday am - drive to N. Potomac MD to my nieces house for the weekend. My wonderful sister is visiting there from Tulsa and I haven't seen her since June a year ago.

Well, last night, our daughter called and we conferenced our son, couldn't get daughter #2 into the call. Conversation - "Mom - you and Dad have to be at my house at 6:30 on Friday night with a suitcase packed with 3 outfits each, one suitable for dinner out. (Forgot to ask if tropical or mucklucks). I have called your work and they know you will not be at the dinner and the kid in the neighborhood will be taking care of the cat."

I CANNOT GET ANY MORE INFO AND IT IS KILLING ME. I really hope it is a big family reunion. I will be very disappointed if I don't see my sister.

I am making Earl rest all day - so he will have some energy for our big adventure.

Will let you all know.

Praying for good scans for the Daves' and a successful surgery for Cheryl and a smooth flight for Gina.

I hope you all have a calm and happy weekend.

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Dear Ginny,

I am so glad that Earl is working some! You are right, it helps psychologically to contribute and be productive. Your upcoming adventure sounds exciting! Let us know how it goes! Thanks for the well wishes on my surgery. It has been postponed until Thurs. morning! Well that gives me three more days to worry! Ha!


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The surprise was absolutely overwhelming.

On Friday night 30 members of our family were there from all over the country. How absolutely wonderful. Of course we thought that was all there was - but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

We were going back to our daughters on Sat afternoon, we thought just to visit with the family. When we got there, there were over 50 of our friends in addition to the family.

Our three kids had planned all of this. They 'stole' my telephone book that I keep in Excel and invited everybody there. Fortunately, I keep a personnal and a business book or the dry cleaner and milkman would have been there.

The children requested donations towards a cruise instead of gifts. As soon as Earl finishes his upcoming scans and follow ups we are going to plan and schedule this cruise.

By the way, the parties were twofold - one to celebrate my 6oth birthday which was awhile ago but Earl was not well enough (By the way, that number is a secret) and two to celebrate how well Earl is recovering.

The joy of seeing how many people care about us was absolutely overwhelming. Earl (like a typical man) is somewhat emotionless has been very (compared to usual) emotional about this.

Now we are praying for good scans.

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