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Question about treatment

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My mom has had one round of chemo and about 3wks of radation. After her first round of chemo she became very sick, about 12 days in ICU. In that time she fell and broke her arm and had two heart attacks.

They suspended her treatments untill she was strong enough to deal with it. It has now been over a month since her last treatment. She is now strong enough to return to radation but her onc. says no more chemo...to hard on her heart. We are just waiting to hear from her doctor to see when she can return to radation.

Can anyone tell me how this is going to effect her. A whole month off of her treatments, and now no more chemo.

I truly feel like there is no hope now. I truly think she is going to die from this. Maybe not today or even tomorrow but soon. She seems like only the shell of herself and I am really freaking out. I always thought she had a chance with chemo and radation but now I just dont know.

Thanks for everything.....Kim

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Kim, so sorry you all are between a rock and a hard place. If she has more chemo, she could die of heart failure. If she doesn't have chemo, she could die from the lung cancer. The radiation should help. Lucie had her chemo and radiation suspended about two months after diagnosis because she got a staph infection that went systemic and had to be put in the hospital. A month later, she started treatment again, both chemo and radiation, and did fine. Don

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Hi Kim. Maybe your mom can do a different chemo after the radiation is done. Doing radiation and chemo at the same time is hard for most people. The treatment is important, but so is hope. Don't give up hope and try to impart to you mom that there is still hope with the radiation treatment.

Don M

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Hi Kim, I agree with Don. Radiation is a powerful tool against lc, probably more powerful than chemo - I think.

It is so important you support your Mom the whole way now. The family is your Mom's mirror. What they say and do will greatly affect her attitude about survival.

My Mom "gave up" on me when I was dx'd and it was the unbelievably devastating. I really needed her to cheer me on, but it never came. Hubby did enough cheering for everyone. :)

I wish your Mom the best of luck,


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