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Taxotere - Bad Side Effects


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Hi All,

I wrote once before about falling. I have only done this twice and both times were in the hospital. But on twice on Thursday and once on Friday, so I just held onto something, until it passed. Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I felt a little off kilter in my equilibrium, (although today it seems better). The only thing new I've had is Taxotere - which doesn't leave me side effects except tiredness.

I did also have radiosurgery in July, but the mets were all less than 1MM - and I had no effects after or before.

Anyone have any Bad effects from Taxatere?


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Hey Mary,

I also had a falling episode when I was taking Tarceva. Waaatch your temp. closely. I ended up with pneumonia and a pleural effusion cause it knocked my counts out. I was also suffering from raidation pneumonitus also. I would tell your onc. about the falls.



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Hey there Mary ~

I am finding the Taxotere very tiring too - even moreso than the Carbo/Taxol. I have only received one infusion so far - the next one is Thursday. I thought maybe I was so tired because I started taking the Lexapro at the same time I started the Taxotere.

The Taxotere has not affected my equilibrium so far. I remember when I was on the Taxol - after the 3rd infusion my oncologist told me I had to stop roller blading and bike riding because he said the Taxol would affect my sense of balance and it did. I was constantly walking into the doorknob in the hallway, even when I was being careful. When I finished my last treatment in April I waited a month and started back roller-blading and biking again without any problem.

I will watch and see if I have any problems after infusion #2 and let you know.

With a gentle hug,

Pam in FL


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