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Surgery Postponed


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Hey Everyone,

Dr. Kourlis called to postpone the surgery until Thurs. morning at 7:15 A.M.. JUST MORE TIME TO WORRY! HA! He said that he needed to do some emergency surgeries. This surgeon also does heart and lung transplants. The company that makes this new experimental glue is supposed to call me to get my consent. I hope it is as good as "Super Glue".... that stuff is great!

Anyway, thanks for all the awesome advice and support. It has helped me to cope and prepare. You guys are my lifeline!


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Hi Cheryl -I wish you well with your upcoming surgery. Hope it is super glue also. When you can please let me know the name of this glue and any info that you can find out. I had surgery where they put in that tack to seal the lung last July but it was not a success. I had a malignant plural effusion and am doing chemo for the second time . Well thats enough about me again all the best to you on Thurs. Take care - Carlton

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Awww, Dave, it ain't the Army if there's less than 15 forms to fill out in triplicate and take down the hall for a signature from someone that isn't in the office...

Cheryl, don't worry, you'll get in.... I never had an "appointment" since they leave their schedules open for emergencies... I received a phone call on Sunday night (10:00P) that they had an opening Monday afternoon after waiting over two weeks to get in.... It'll be fine, they'll give you drugs and you'll get to sleep!

(Quick prayer: Thank you, God, for not putting me through this in a military hospital!)

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Cheryl my friend,

You'll do just FINE my dear, just FINE!!!! And let me share with you what my grand-daughter age 4 said to me in the hospital after my surgery.

She said: Grandma, can I see your boo boo? I said, Well Ash, even I haven't seen it yet. She said, It's okay Grandma, I'll look at it and tell you what it looks like. :roll: So, my daughter and granddaughter pulled down my gown, and my granddaughter looked at it and then she asked if she could come closer, and I said, sure. She looked again and said, " Grandma did the doctor scatch you?" then she said, "Where is you sore?

Well, low and behold, that's exactly what it looks like is a scatch!! NO KIDDING!!! I think they glued me together, but I'm not sure. :shock: I don't see any stitches or staples or anything for that matter. It's REMARKABLE!!!

Hang in there my friend. Soon you'll be hanging out on the sofa with me!! :):)

Your in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you and Jack!!!

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