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Does anyone have info on Gemzar as 2nd line treatment


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Does anyone have info on Gemzar as the a SINGLE agent for 2nd line treatment? The VA offered this based on nothing else will work either. They turned down Tarceva (the company is getting back with me this week though) AVASTIN ad Gemzar combo, and turned down Cyberknife removal of the subcarinal lymph nodes tumors.

BTW the cancer I have is the type that is the same caused by heavy herbicidal poisoning. The VA has already accepted and decided that the connection to the tons of Agent Orange dumped on me and that the Marines in my unit have 156% more lung cancer smokers and non-smokers is actual and has granted service connection for the lung cancer.

So the government that caused it and the government that denied the cancer connection for 20 years and the government that pays a small monthly compensation for killing me, is also the same government that has agreed to treat it.

Is there a conflict of interest here somewhere? The only thing I can depend on is that they are from the government and are here to help me. :)

Seriously though, I am curious what clinical studies or personal experience here has been on Gemzar as a single agent for Stage IIIB 2nd line chemo.


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John had gemzar alone and it was very successful for him. He got a lot of shrinkage and one of the two tumors is now history. I hope you get good results also. Hopefully the gemzar will kick some cancer cells until you get the tarceva approved. Good luck!

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I had gemzar as a first-line, adjuvant treatment. It was a series of treatments that went like this: Cisplatin/gemzar week one, gemzar week two and three and then a week off. I had in total three cycles of this. But, the gemzar did a number on my platelets and the treatments had to be postponed once in a while. Once this started happening, I had to get Arenesp injections after every treatment.

The gemzar itself is a relatively quick infusion, lasting only about half an hour. It burned going in, and my hair thinned, but that wasn't noticeable to anyone but me. Otherwise, I tolerated it pretty well and was able to do almost everything I wanted during that time.

Good luck with it,


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This is a link For Clinical Trials using Gemzar in Kentucky. Am not sure which one you are in though, But a BIG DOUBLE THANK YOU FOR SERVICE TO COUNTRY AND MEDICINE RESEARCH. I think of people who are involved in Clinical trials as pioneers not guineau pigs. Some think opposite of that.

http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search?ter ... mit=Search

Deb had Navelbine Gemxar as first round and she did have success with that combo and mild side effects. Let me know if I can help in any way; and sending prayers for recovery.

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