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Is this place?


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Hi Miss Piggy,

This is indeed the place to be when you need some info on cancer or if you just need to vent and a little support.

The people on this forum are chocked full of information - through personal experience unfortunately. It's so nice to be able to read about "real life" affects of cancer, treatments, etc.

If you look at member's profiles, you can also learn a lot about what the member has been through and what treatments were used - successful or otherwise.

Hope this helps and good luck,


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Hello Miss Piggy

I am glad to see your post here. Do you have specific questions that you are looking to get answered? If so, please feel free to ask away.

As Shirley pointed out you can get a lot of information from reading the profiles of others in their posts, as well. But if there are certain areas of concern that you would like to learn more about, by all means post the questions and you will have answers, advice and tons of support and hope.


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Dear Miss Piggy,

Please take a minute and read over each Forum Discription. Everyone here pretty much reads all the Forums.

If you have Non Small Cell Cancer, You might want to hang out in the NSCLC/MES FORUM. OR you can hang out in the LC SURVIVORS FORUM. If you want to talk to just Survivors then you might want to make mention of that in your post. Everyone here is very kind and willing to help. Caregivers are very helpful as well.

Just take a minute and read over each Forum. You also might want to take a minute and post your PROFILE so we can tell if your the cancer patient or the caregiver, and what kind of cancer you have, etc. This is at the top right of any page where you will see MY PROFILE. It only takes a minute.

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