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Leave it to Rocky...

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and never say never!!!

As of 1:30am last night, mom has been wide awake and talking. Most of what she is saying doesn't make any sense (even if you listen closely for clues), but her hospice nurse came today and when asked, she said she has never seen anything like it.

Mom has drank some coffee and cranberry juice today through a straw today. She has been kind of mean and agitated, but who cares. I just can't believe her. I just can't. Rocky lives...

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I am just stunned. She has not gone to sleep since she awoke at 1:30 last night. She has talked constantly. As I type this, John is reading Go, dog, go! to her and they are talking about it. How sweet...

She ate mashed potatoes for dinner and John just gave her some ice cream.

Mom has talked about her dad being with her two times today. My grandpa passed away in 2000. Just wanted to add that little bit of info for anyone having ANY doubts-don't.

I swear I should write a book about her. I swear I should.

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I loved reading this post Lori! Narcotics can knock you for a loop, so as long as she's not in pain, keep them to a minimum. She's one hell of a fighter, you may have lots of time with her yet.

Many prayers for her, you and the whole family!

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I'm so glad your mom has regained lucidity and energy to eat and interact with the family again - such wonderful news. The "sentences not making any sense" thing might come and go over periods of days -- and your mom might get really agitated that you don't understand what she is saying (mine did and it's OK!) 'cause it makes sense to her.

Keep us posted and God bless Rocky!


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WOW!!! Go Rocky!!!!

Lori, I am so very happy to hear your mom has regained her consciousness and energy. She is an amazing woman with incredible strength and determination.

I know how much she loves you, because she is fighting to give you this gift of her. The past few days you have been so devastated at the loss of your mom mentally even as she persisted physically. I think she pushed past the meds and past the disease to give you this gift of love and of herself.

Enjoy this time Lori, hold it close in your heart and always know that your Rocky is a true warrior and an incredibly strong woman who loves you and knows she is loved by you.


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Mom is still wide awake and has not slept for 54 hours. The nurse is stunned. The chaplain says he has never seen anything like it. The nurse is calling the Dr. Mom ate a sandwich for dinner and wanted to get up yesterday so John and I got her up.

She is still talking nonstop and although we don't understand it all or know many of the people, she is reflecting on her life.

I am exhausted, but amazed. Isn't this amazing?

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