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This check out at snopes http://www.snopes.com/rumors/firemen.asp & is an excellent idea......and to have come from a teenager....just think!!!!!!!!

An idea from the son of a 9/11 firefighter... so before you delete this, just remember that this is a 14 year-old boy who lost his father on September 11th.

All you're asked to do is type, point and click.

He's got a really great idea. Thanks!

Hello, I lost my Dad on September 11th; he was Chief Edward Geraghty, Battalion 9, New York City Fire Department. He lost his life with many other heroes that day, victims of the terrorists.

Firefighters from all over have come to the aid and rescue of the tragedy in New York and Washington, D.C. Many firefighters lost their lives to save someone else's.

The truth of the matter is, they do this every single day. They truly are heroes. I know many people feel helpless, especially those who live far from NYC and D.C. We all want to do something to show our appreciation, our support!

I think we can...

In honor of the bravery, courage and determination of American firefighters, there should be a day in our nation to celebrate and appreciate their hard-work and never-ending passion for saving lives. I think we should honor all those other heroes who still live today. I'm starting a petition for a National Firefighters Day.

Will you help make every September 11th "National Firefighters Day"? Please join me!

Thank you,

Connor Geraghty, age 14, Rockville Centre, New York

(I Love U, DAD!!)

PS: When this list reaches 500 names, please send it back to me at ceg8587@aol.com

1. Becky Kondi - Bethel, VT

2. David Kondi - Bethel, VT

3. Woody Kaplan - Rochester, VT (former volunteer fireman)

4. Kim Flynn - Atlanta GA

5. David Ficalore - Atlanta GA

6. Lee Phillips - Atlanta, GA

7. Richard Cychosz - Roswell, GA

8. Dave Raffa- Pecan Plantation Fire Chief- Granbury, Texas

9. Larry Ingram- Cresson Fire Chief- Cresson Texas

10. Pat Dishman - San Angelo TX

11. Lyn McEwen - Midland, TX

12. Pam Williams, Midland, TX

13. Jennifer Strickland, Odessa, TX

14. Dennis J. Lorance,New Brau fels, TX

15. Terry L. Christiansen, New Braunfels, TX

16. Judith M. Christiansen, New Braunfels, TX

17. Derek L. Christiansen, New Braunfels, TX

18. Ryan Donaldson-Addison, IL

19. Andrew Donaldson-Addison, IL

20. Michael Cloud - Elk Grove Village, IL

21. Amanda J. Wiszus Palatine, IL

22. Michelle (Mitzi) Buttner Palatine, IL

23. Jim Yonan-Palatine, IL I Like The Idea< BR 24. Diane Uza, Palatine, IL

25. Coleen Dick, Bristol, WI

26. Terry Dick, Bristol, WI

27. Ruth Dick, Bristol, WI

28. Kathy Mullen, Salem WI

29. Sharon Sloan, IL

30. Diana Marshall, Winnebago IL

31. Walt Quick Winnebago, Il

32. Sue Perry Rockford, Il

33. Joan Kasbeer - Chandler, AZ

34. Lucille Michard - Winn ebago IL

35. Bill Hoyt - Winnebago, IL

36. Gayl Yokes, Tacoma,wa

37. Mari Elbe - Sussex, WI

38. Megan Elbe - Milwaukee, WI

39. Kay Dickmann- Sheboygan, W

40. Andrea Forster - Lathrup Village, MI

41. Ann Louise Fish - La Grange Park, IL

42. Gail Bressner-La Grange, Il

43. Bette Peterson-Aitkin, Mn.

44. Mavis Oesterich - McGrath , MN

45. Midge Wilson, McGregor, MN

46. Joe Wilson, McGregor, MN

47. Stacey Schneider, Akeley,MN

48. Muriel Weibel, Mn.

49. Harold Weibel, Mn.

50. Cheryl Schiller,Mn.

51. Kevin Schiller, Mn.

52. DJ Schiller. Mn.

53. KC. Schiller, Mn.

54. Kristine Schiller, Mn.

55. Jayden Swanson, Mn.

56. Josh Chytracek, Mn.

57. Melissa Torgerson, Mn.

58. Alex Torgerson, Mn.

59. Austin Chytracek, Mn.

60. Adam Chytracek, Mn.

61. Jacob Chytracek, Mn.

62. Devon Chytracek, Mn.

63. Pat Chytracek, Mn.

64. Barbee Hovelson, SD

65. Bruce Hovelson, SD

66. Aaron Hovelson, SD

67. Adam Hovelson, SD

68. Aric Hove lson, SD

69. Andree Hovelson,SD

70. Dave Spaulding, SD

71. Missy Sagmoe, SD

72. Ashley Severson, SD

73. Bobby Anderson, SD

74. Tonya Kabris, SD

75. Mitch Kabris, SD

76. Doug Sorensen, SD

77. Diane Sorensen, SD

78. Kayla Lucas, SD

79. Sandy Lucas, MT

80. David Lucas, MT

81. Shannon Crawford, SD

82. Adam Walker, SD

83. Melanie Johnson, SD

84. Darren Johnson, SD

85. Bob Syrstad, SD

86. Jeremy Rave, SD

87. Brock Spurrell, SD

88. TJ Schmidt, SD

89. Carrie Clites, SD

90. Nicole Resmen, SD

91. Vera Sullivan,NC

92. Jo King,NC

93. Bill King,NC

94. Mike Ligh tner, FLA

95. Beth Lightner, FLA

96. Melanie Lightner, FLA

97. Marc Cohen, Fla

98. Barbara Cohen, Fla

99. Karen Fitzpatrick, NY

100. Kathy Grossmann, NY

101. Michelle Connaghan, FL native NY'er

102. Kristine Riley, Florida (also born in NY)

103. Denise Wahlers, Naples, FL

104. Clara Alfonso, Lake Mary, FL

105. Robert Alfonso, Lake Mary, FL

106. Jennifer Wenke, Cape Coral, FL

107. Edward Wenke, Groton, CT

108. Diane Albergo, Long Beach, NY

109. Carol McCartney, Rockville Centre, NY

110. Anne Marie McCartney, Hempstead, NY

111. AnnMarie Vitaliano, Brooklyn, NY

112. Erin McCormick New Smyrna beach FL

113. Dori Kaiser Bayside, NY

114. Stacey Guida, Me rrick

115.Lucille Mauro, Brooklyn,NY

116. Danielle Tricomi, Brooklyn, NY

117. Amy Thompson, Brooklyn, NY

118. Rhonda Sorger, Belle Harbor, NY

119. Donna Kennedy, Rockaway Poin t, NY

120 Barbara Kaplan, Oceanside, NY

121 Jackie Bernstein, Baldwin, NY

122 Barbara McCarthy Rockville Centre, NY

123 Barry McCarthy Rockville Centre, NY

124 Corinne McCarthy Rockville Centre, NY

125 Jessica McCarthy Rockville Centre, NY

126. Ellen Renison, Brentwood NY (Volunteer FF)

127. Stephen Renison, Brentwood NY (Volunteer FF)



130 Ryan Steffenson, Bay Shore NY

131 Nicole Steffenson, Bay Shore NY

132. Donna Hisgen, Islip, New York

133. Douglas Hisgen, Islip, New York

134. Bridget Lynch, Islip , New York

135. Laura LaCugna, Islip Terrace,


137. Sallyann Capozzola, Ronkonkoma, NY

138. Jill Bruno, Bohemia, NY

139. Christine Parchen, Islip, NY

140. Alison Donofrio, North Babylon, NY

141. Marissa Anselmo, East Northport, NY

142. R.J. Hannigan, Astoria, NY

143. Frank Sabatella Hicksville, NY

144. Robyn Castle Long Beach, NY

145. Kelly Helfand, Deer Park, NY

146. Kim Sigismondi, Deer Park N.Y.

147. Paul Sigismondi, Deer Park N.Y.

148. Meredith Musto, Islip, NY

149. Janeine Jackowski, Inwood, NY

150. Nadine Gulino, Oceanside, NY

151. Mike Gulino, Oceanside, NY

152. Jennifer Combs, Rocky Point, NY

153. John Combs, Rocky Point, NY

154. Elyse Small, East Patchogue,NY

155. Ronnie Piscchio, Selden, NY

156. Sandy Small, Rocky Point, NY

157. Lisa Clement, Sayville, N.Y.

158. Patty Eremita, W. Sayville, NY

159. Dominick Eremita, W. Sayville, NY

160. Dawn Cox, Mineola, NY

161. Kevin Cox, Mineola, NY

163. Metzger Family, Garden City, NY

164. Paprocky Family, Holbrook, NY

165. Lobalsamo Family, Shirley, NY

166. Galotifiore Family, Virginia Beach, VA

167. Frederick Quadrello Staten Island, NY

168. Paul Qudrello Staten Island, NY

169. Josep h Quadrello Staten Island, NY

170. Vinny Quadrello Staten Island, NY

171. Rubio family Staten Island, NY

172. Smart Family Brooklyn, NY

173. Darcie Fredette & Frank LoGiudice, NY

174. Jennifer Santucci-Spero, NY

175. Noreen Dalpiaz, Malverne, NY

176. Hank Dalpiaz, Malverne, NY

177. Michael Mc Mahon, Floral Park, NY

178. Susan Mc Mahon, Floral Park, NY

179. Caroline Mc Mahon, Floral Park, NY

180. Danielle DiSanto-Castro

181. Robert DiSanto - N.Y.

182. Edward Guglielmo N.J.

183. Joseph Pittore NJ

184. Bonnie S Bilgeshouse

185 Isabel Baraniecki, NJ

186 Joanne Antonelli, NJ

187 Nancy Williams, NJ

189 Christine Braden, NJ

190 D. Campbell, NJ

191 K. Murowski, NJ

192 L. Miller, La

193 C.Zimmerman, TN

194 J Suffield

195 Trisha Sibley, TX

197 Mary Helen Brinkley, Tx.

196 Ray Pierson

198 Harry Thompson, Tx

199 Lucy Thompson, Tx

200 Carol Paolini, NJ

201 Joe Paolini, NJ

202 Maria Norton, NJ

203 Gus Norton, NJ

204 Gary Edelstein, NJ

205 Maryanne Lomberg



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