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Can I go to school....


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and get paid for it? lol but I'm serious... I need a job, but I'm not very marketable... I'm thinking LPN, but I need some income, like yesterday... so...

Can anyone point me in the right direction, cause I haven't got a clue...

I used to work at a hospital, but it's been like eight or nine years ago... I was more or less a nurse aid, (pysch tech) and I'd like something along those lines. But, I just got turned down for a medical assistant job, and I'm thinking I should go to school or something...

Thanks for any input!


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There is a huge need for direct care workers to work with disabled individuals. Now most likely they won't pay you to go to school, but it is job where you can learn about passing medications and get on the job training that would help with any medical degree. I actually know of a Michigan Company that has homes in Oklahoma. PM me if you are interested and you can see if they are anywhere near you.

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I work for Home Helpers. We do in home care non medical but of coarse a little medical knowledge is usually needed. They have chapters all across the country and the pay is better than most caregiver jobs. Better than most institutions and you can pretty much choose the hours that you want to work. That would make taking classes easy. There is always a tremendous need for caregivers to help people in their homes.

I love my job. I get my heart broken everyday but in return I get so much.

You may be able to find some kind of aide to help with schooling if you look around. Try calling one of the local colleges and ask about any programs available.

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