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Missing Ed's flowers today for my birthday


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Ed would make a big deal about my birthday. Flowers and dinner. The first gift I recieved from him was sexy lingere from Nordstrums in the Nordy box. I have cried every night for the past week. Thinking about Ed's last days and our life together.

I miss Ed and my father. On this day 55 yrs ago my Dad told me he held me before they cleaned the gunk off of me.

Well I am 55yrs young. My hair is thining, I have brown age spots on my face, my hands look old and I have the stomach pouch. But I have started to hike again. I have hiked every weekend for the last month. I am a kind of a Young/medium old goat scampering up the hills.


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Happy Birthday Adela,

I am so sorry that your dear Ed is not here to make it a special day, as I know only he could.

I understand, Keith always made my birthday a big deal even when everyone else forgot or I wanted to forget, he made it special. It is hard to celebrate anything without them here to make these days better and brighter.

Please know that we are all here with love for you on your birthday. I will even put on my paper party hat for today for you.

And I know it's not the same, but these are for you...


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First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :)

Second on the physical activity, ever see a 300 pound 40 year old on a tredmill. Oh yeah and get off when you close your eyes. It was too funny i tell ya :lol: Hope that cheers you up and I did have that experience on a treadmill FELL OFF MOVING TREADMILL!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope your birthday is as happy as can be. I know it must hurt so much to not have Ed their to share it with you...

So glad to hear that you are hiking and loving it. Husband and I have started doing the same... Good time to see the glory of this world God has created isn't it?

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