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PET results after 3 mos. off chemo - 8/31 Update


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Just posting to let everyone know that Tony had his PET scan Monday. He has been on a chemo holiday since late May. This has been the first time since diagnosis that he wasn't on any chemo. The results were not unexpected, but not what we hoped for either. The primary tumor has increased in size and there are a couple of other small tumors in the left lung again. :(

We are feeling rather disappointed right now and a bit blue. We were hoping for stable.

Tarceva will be the next regimen, but I'm leery of this non-chemo chemo and Tony's not thrilled about the side effects. It has such a low response rate for shrinkage and we need these things to go away!! If he doesn't respond, then we are that much farther behind the eight-ball.

I'm sure we will feel better and ready to fight some more once the disappointment wears off.


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I too am very sorry to hear the news wasn't a lot better then what it was. :(

Try hard to stay positive and remember this, there are still over options that could very well do the trick. Your not out of DRUGS just yet!!! :wink:

As long as there are drugs and new drugs,that Tony has had yet, there is still HOPE! :wink:

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Got the actual report in hand today. Worse than we thought. Over six new growths in both lungs and uptake numbers are higher than when we started in March of 2005. All growths are 1 to 2.5 cm and above and original tumor (that never went away) has increased by another cm. Hilar region involvement too. This just sucks. Best I can say. Doing the legwork on Tarceva and coverage today.

Oh well, at least they can actually count the number of tumors whereas in the beginning there were too many to even distinguish one from another.

Praying that Tarceva is the ticket to hold this beast at bay.

Thanks for your kind words.


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