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vertebroplasty & treatment questions


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Hi all~

My mom is still having pain since the second cyberknife failed and her right arm is bothering her at times from where it is pressing near the spine.

I found out about vertebroplasty from a new member here and Researcher Randy got the ball rolling by suppling me w/ helpful sites to start.

My mom does notcall her docs between appts- no matter what. I really want her to call to see about this procedure as her next scan insn't until mid Oct. Any suggestions??



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Kelly Do you go to appointments with Mom? Also Wondered cn you call and ask about the possibility of this being done? Maybe Moms Onc could approachher about it with you suggestion as a possible Reliever treatment? These are just thoughts on the Subject. Sending Prayers and Positive thoughts. good Luck!!

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Hey Kelly.

Vertebroplasty is used to repair compression fractures. My mom had the procedure in her spine. It did give her immediate relief, but it came back a few days later, which the Dr. said was from the actual procedure. She has not had back pain since though. They will have to see if she has fractures through an MRI. Good luvk Love, Lori

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