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Exorcising the Demons -


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I just posted about a recent canoe trip I took with my family. I remember the beginning of this journey and the raging fear that took over my soul - the fear of not "being here" for so many milestones in so many lives. I started with small steps, being thankful for another day, another check up, another season... Now I'm starting to pass those milestones I thought I'd never make it to. My fellow survivors, what have you done that you never thought you would have the opportunity to do since your original diagnosis?

I'll start, and with just the happy things:

I saw spring, followed by summer, fall and winter - three times!

I watched my son play basketball for two years in junior high (long game, huh? LOL).

I've shared with my spouse in the marriages of three of his four kids - two daughters and a son.

I've shared the birth of two grandsons and two granddaughters with my husband.

I've adopted a puppy who's grown into a wonderful little happy dawg.

I've built a new house.

I've found a job I like - most days.

I've gone on the canoe trip from hell.

Your turn!

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This is a good one snowflake!!!

My cancers came in 1993, 1997, and 2001

In 1993 I was married 10 years

:D we just celebrated 23 years

In 1993 I had a 7 year old in 1st grade

:D He has just started his junior year of COLLEGE!

In 1993 I was 37 and didn't like getting old

:D Just turned 50 !!! Birthdays are good!!!

Used to worry about laundry, housework

:D Now I just don't CARE :D:D:D

I will add more later


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Oh Becky, what a wonderful post. We really should all stop and enjoy this beautiful life.

I am so grateful I had all those wonderful years with Earl. I would not trade a minute of them for the sorrow I have felt these last 2 years. I am so grateful that my parents and Earl helped me develop skills that allow me to be happy in my life now.

I am blessed with smart, good looking, funny children and drop dead gorgeous, brilliant grandchildren (This is not grandmother prejudice, but truth, lol). And friends who keep me busy and make me laugh.

I believe that even in times of deepest sorrow and fear there can be times of joy. Let us all search for it.

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Dictated by my mom:

I saw my daughter get married.

I adopted a dog (which was a big step since I never was an animal person).

I helped my daughter buy her first home.

I was with my daughter during her fertility woes.

I shop with my daughter.

I get my hair done with my daughter (I was not sure if I'd have any left).

(Note from me: Yes, being an only child and so close to my parents, it really is always all about me with them :roll::P )

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It has been almost 3 years for me.

I have seen my 2nd son get married.

I retired and discovered that I like it. (I guess I kinda had to retire).

I have had a grandson by way of my second son.

I attended my second son's college graduation (finally).

I have had a granddaughter by way of my first son.

This year,I have had the best garden in years because I had so much time to weed it (retired).

I don't sweat the small stuff.

Don M

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