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My dad was diagnosed today with 97% certainty :( (PET resul


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I was on my way to work, my parents got a phone call to be at pulmo office, so off we went. He came in just for us. And the nurse wondered why my dad's blood pressure was off the roof. "Is it serious?" he asked when he got the call. "Well I am sure the dr has a good reason to call you in" she said :)

Anyway, upon further review, the biopsy sample yielded atypical cells. 5 different pathologists are confused and conclude it as a low-grade malignancy, but it was sent to Mayo clinic for further evaluation.

He is calling it a LC until told it is not b/c it is not normal to have atypical cells in a lung nodule.

Tomorrow is PET and Wed is Brain MRI. He called my mom's onc, but it figures, he never takes a vacation and now he is on one. Nothing he can do right now anyway.

The big concern is the multiple nodules. Best case is the rest are something weird, and just this one is cancer. But the chances of that, who knows.

We are still in shock, hasn't hit us yet.

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Andrea I am so sorry. I know the whole family is upset. Low grade sounds good to me, but of course there's that "atypical part". Please keep us posted. Please keep us posted on what the next opinion and plan is.


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OMG Andrea-- shock doesn't even describe it. I am so truly sorry this is happening. I am just dumbfounded by the number of couples that are diagnosed--what is going on? I hope the tumor is somewhere easily accessible so it can be removed...and that the nodules are nothing...if there is anything you need -- just ask.

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Thanks. What I need now is tolerance.

This has NOTHING to do with LCSC people, this is in regards to someone not involved with LC: I know people mean well, I really really do. But telling me to focus on that 3% chance, and informing me that you read on the internet from Mayo Clinic that atypical cells are not cancer so I am worried for nothing and that if I allow darkness in, it will enter, just frustrates me.

If the doctor was not serious, no way would he have summoned us today when we had an appointment set for tomorrow (he came in just for us,he was at the hospital today, no office visits),no way would a PET be ordered for the next day, a brain MRI set, and a call made by the pulmonologist to an oncologist immediately.

I am entitled to be upset and grumpy today and not have a desire to go to work :)

Ok, done whining :)

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You may whine for the entire night my dear. It's times like this when I don't answer the phone. You KNOW people mean well, they just don't know.

That said, visualize shaking them silly, write to us here, and

:arrow::arrow:WHINE AWAY!!

hugs and hugs


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Oh (((((Andrea))))), I am so sorry about this. And I DO so understand what you are saying about people and all their 'advice'. To that I say.........let it just roll right off your back. They have NO clue, for sure. Of course you are upset and SHOULD be so. We are all upset with you. We hope and pray for the best, but never just assume everything is okay because we all know better.

You know the rule...............step back and breathe and allow us to carry some of that worry. Rant, whine all you want. We are all the chorus!


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I am just stunned... pissed off... and so terribly sorry, Andrea. Please know I am sending you so very many prayers...

As for those people--they say things to make themselves feel better, I think. They mean well... but part of the words are spoken just so they can feel like they did something to comfort you, without having to look at how scary this thing really is.

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I am sorry you got this disturbing news. It is interesting that the pathologists don't know for sure what it is. At least things are on the fast track now.

I remember reading about aspergillus some time ago and how it can present as multiple nodules in the lung. It is a serious disease in itself. I wonder if they tested for that? Aspergillus is a fungus that can cause big troubles when the spores are breathed in. Here is a link from UCLA that discusses a case:

http://www.med.ucla.edu/modules/wfsecti ... ticleid=53

I hope the docs get to the bottom of this soon.

Don M

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Well, Andrea, I have to state the same again,


Here's hoping "atypical" is actually only PRE-cancerous, like what a PAP test is designed to catch. IF this is cancer, may it be so early that treatment is 100% effective and quick.



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Even with all the rain, I say aprayer out the back door at nite for you and Family. I also have big dry shoulders and a Block of smoked Gouda so whine away. I send prayers for all tonite.

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