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What Can I Do to Help?


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My friend has recently been diagnosed with sclc extensive stage. It started in her right lung and was found in her liver and lymphnodes, they are testing her bones & brain. Chemo was started on Wednesday. At this time she is very positive and upbeat, with plans to return to work on Tuesday.

She has already said she plans on beating it.

All I know to do is listen when she wants to talk, be there when she needs a friend and support her in any way I can. Her husband & family are also very supportive. If anyone has any ideas on how her friends can help out further,let me know.



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Your doing just what a good friend would. Your letting her know your here for her. I do encourage you to bring her to our next LC Support Group meeting and of course her family as well as your family is welcome to attend.

We have LONG TERM SMALL CELL LC(EXTENSIVE) Surviviors in our group and they can be helpful and offer HOPE to your friend not to mention some helpful hints during her treatments.

Your a good friend!!

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