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Why I got so upset


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Caught 20/20 tonight and heard John Stossel's report "Stupid in America" -- of course about public education and how it is failing our children. The message boards under ABC are just filled with upset teachers and parents saying "Thank you" for exposing a bad system.

and yes, I wrote a reply.

2 1/2 hours later I am still agitated and WIDE awake and it hit me. The upset reminded me of the lung cancer stigma. "Did you smoke" Feeling like I have to explain and justify my cancer, (which I didn't have to justify the breast cancer :wink: ) and after the program I felt I had to justify my profession.

I couldn't figure out why I was so upset, but that is the link.

My therapist would be proud.

hugs to all


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I didn't see the show, but I am sorry that you were upset by it and the position that you feel put in.

Just to let you know - when I look at teachers, I am awed. In first grade, my son's teacher had asked me to watch the class for 5 minutes while she ran to the office, and by the time she came back, I had 2 boys holding the closet door shut with 3 girls trapped inside, one boy on top of a desk and the rest of the class in various disarray. There is no WAY that I could do what you guys do. Just the fact that you can keep somewhat control over a classroom of these ruffians we call our children AND deal with the parents, and somehow TEACH them stuff, makes you a most likely underpaid superwoman in my book.

Like any system,there are most likely opportunities for improvement I'm sure and there are people in careers that may not be the best one for them.

But your profession IS a noble one Gail, and don't let anyone take that from you.

Anyway, here's to therapy! :wink:

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Bless you my dear :D:D

You always make me feel better.

And I felt better today. One of the things of learned in my cancer journey is that some people just don't even belong on my radar screen. I couldn't ignore my feelings, but had to work through them.

BTW--when did you turn 50?


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HAH! See, you are so smart, its good you ARE a teacher!!!

Well, now that someone noticed 8):wink: , I turned 50 on August 19th. Bruce usually alerts everyone but he must have been dreaming of Dollywood or something....

So I managed to slide on by.... :D

(Glad you're feeling better today!!)

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