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WANTED: Satellite Walkers


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Sorry for the length, and it probably doesn't belong in General but I wanted everyone to see...

Okay, so I wanted to do something this November but don’t have the time to organize anything in my area and basically, nothing is getting done in Ardmore Ok for lung cancer unless I do it. I knew that I have friends and family, and friends of friends and family, that would donate if I had a donation webpage like those on Rich’s site and it annoyed me that I couldn’t tap into that to raise money for research. I wanted to fly to Boston to walk in Rich’s walk, but really didn’t have the money to spare. And then I had a thought, and with the advice of several people including Rich and Katie, this is what the end result is:

On November 11th, at 10 am, the same day/time as Rich’s walk, I’m going to walk in absentia, in Ardmore Oklahoma. I won’t really be walking alone, because on this board, we have learned that we are together, even though we are spread out all over the country (or world!). So even though I am physically walking my walk alone, I certainly am far from being alone, because in spirit I am with my friends in Boston (and I believe that the NY walk is the same day?). In fact, although I haven’t heard the final word, I believe that 2 of my Oklahoman neighbors are walking in their cities as well, so that will be 3 of us in Oklahoma ‘satellite’ walking for lung cancer.

So basically, I am on here to reach out to those of you who always want to do something, but don’t have the time to plan an extravaganza. THIS Is something anyone can do. Rich already has his Boston Walk website set up. All you have to do is register on his site and tada – you have a donation webpage with YOUR name on it. This is mine- I haven’t sent emails out yet, am still trying to find a picture that doesn’t scare people!

https://secure.campagne-online.com/regi ... ionID=9396

Then you can email your friends and family for donations and leave flyers around your area, what you can do or want to do is as big as you want it to be. I am going to leave flyers around, in my doctor’s office, at work, etc to let people know that I am ‘satellite’ walking off of Rich’s walk and they can donate online or by mail. I plan on going for a 3 mile walk here but you can do a mile, a few blocks, whatever you are capable of doing, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about spreading the word and using the walk to do it. I am also planning on contacting the local media, to let them know that I am satellite walking for lung cancer, and hopefully, that many others are doing the same. Lung cancer is the invisible disease, so the fact that I am walking by myself here, calls attention in a way to that fact. We have NEVER had huge “relay for life” type of events for lung cancer, but that’s okay, we don’t need them. All it takes is one person in one area, to spread the word. Having a bunch of people, in all different areas, would spread it even further. If you have questions on how to go about it, I will share what I am sending out in my donation email, and what I am putting in the flyer (still a work in progress as we speak). You can email me or pm me off this site, or email me at debi@bostonlungcancerwalk.com.

Anyway, I hope that at least a few of you would find this something you would like to do. Especially those of you who feel like you need to do something every November, but are at a loss as to what like myself, let’s do this!!! As we all know, WE need to do something to raise awareness and funding, no one else is going to do it for us!!! How cool would that be, a bunch of us walking that day and then getting together here that night to share our experience?

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This is just AWESOME, Debi. I have been waiting to see if it would be a go, and I'm OVER the TOP that it is. To have folks from all throughout the US, and yes, WORLD even, ALL walking on the same day for LUNGevity is incredible. I have been shameless with whom I have sent my solicitaton request (for donations to LUNGevity..........not the OTHER type of solicitation :oops: ) :lol: Of course I got nothing from the local radiation and medical oncologists, BUT when I hand delivered to them.........well......at least now they know I am not DEAD!!!!! I did get $100 from my financial advisor, however. Surprising, isn't it?

Anyway, Debi, best of luck on reaching your goal. Maybe we can talk on our cells while we walk!!!!!


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To set up your own page go to the website


Click on register. You can register as a team or an individual-- or join another team (Rich has a team you can join) or donate to someone else's page (like Debi's, Kasey's, Rich's, mine etc.). You can also do a lot by just copying Debi's link to her page and forwarding to everyone in your address book with a note saying "please help my friend Debi reach her goal". The majority of my donations have been from people that forwarded the link.

This is an amazing idea Debi-- so we'll be walking at 10:00 in Michigan.

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WOOO HOOO Christy!!!! So that's THREE from Oklahoma!!!!!!!!

Oh and RY???? Good thing that I happen to sign on from work for a minute - just in time to see you rooting for the boys- I see what happens now!!! :evil:

How much are they paying you? :wink:

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I love all of your pages!

Hmmmmm, a satellite walk, that could even be like a walk from the bedroom to the den to watch tv, it is walking.

Hmmmmm, I should set up a page. This way when I e-mail everyone once we get a surgery date, I can be like "My daddy's surgery is set for ___ day. This is just all so stressful. Lung cancer really stinks. Do you feel sorry for us? I bet you do. Oh, you want to know how you can help? Well, here is a link, I will be satellite walking. Don't you want to give money? No, I bet you don't want to part with your money, but you are feeling guilted into it, huh?" :D

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