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another hits the 5-0


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50 OMG Debi, it is all over, nothing will ever be the same again, did you get your AARP card? Only polyester pants with an elastic waist, sensible shoes and no, absolutely no cleavage can peak through.

Remember to eat enough roughage,, lights out before 9, keep a night light in the bathroom for all those middle of the night runs.

Oops, maybe I am talking about my age.

Hey, Deb, my friend, enjoy the second half of your life. Happy Birthday.

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Thank you all, I just spotted this, I'm real sharp, huh?? :roll:

Anyway, thanks for all your well wishes and Ginny.. how the H did the AARP find me?? They are like the friggin KGB or something, about 3 weeks before my birthday I get this welcome envelope in the mail. I dropped it like it was burning hot when I saw where it was from- I do NOT want to get mail from the &$*%^#^$ AARP. Next I will be getting a birthday card from Denny's saying I'm eligible for their senior discount.

Yeah, I'm not happy at all about this. But I AM happy that I'm here to gripe about it...

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I'm glad you are here to gripe about it too, Debi. The KGB turned up here a while ago too :cry: I kow it IS rather depressing, BUT sure does beat the alternative, huh? Hope you and 'Bill' had a great day!


PS: Debi shares a b-day with Bill Clinton. I heard they celebrated together :wink: !

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