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Has anyone been told by hospice...

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Their loved one was actively dying and then the patient rebounded?

My mom really has me in awe. If the nurse and chaplain of this hospice have never seen it, I am wondering if any members, passerbys, or anyone in the medical community has seen it or even heard of it.

On Sunday we were told she was gone neurologically anf that's why she was in a coma.

We as a family have come with all sorts of things-like the tumor hit the radiation seeds or mom had unfinished business. Maybe there is a miracle and she will keep getting better...

I thought I'd ask you guys. Anybody?

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Lori, my mom actually did a bit of this too (for about 3-4 weeks) -- she got really super alert and over active; she was just a going like the ever-ready bunny for awhile under her own steam in her wheelchair all over the place (never, ever had the strength to do that before and she didn't even have the muscle mass to warrant doing what she was doing either!) and talking up a storm about stuff that made no sense plus about people like you have described in your other post to anyone and everyone -- stunned the nurses big-time and me (hospice never said much about it though) -- big, big behavior changes. My mom didn't do the totally out of it thing first though and her awake times weren't 54 hours at a clip -- they were 20+ (not many of those) with up/down agitation times through all 3 shifts at the nursing home (plus calling me at home).

Don't know if this helps much, but I don't find it all that unusual myself. Yours is a bit more stunning than my experience, but similar.

All that said, don't underestimate the power of the human spirit in your mom and just take it all in -- it is an amazing thing to witness. Your mom is an amazing woman (that's an understatement) and she just might dazzle us all even more with her will and God's grace.


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Lori, you mentioned in a recent post that meds were resumed, on Saturday? I know with my Dad, I'm always watching for *cause and effect* reactions. We've tossed medication because we've found it was doing him more harm then good. If your Mom is back on the same meds and dosages as she was prescribed just days before it seemed she was shutting down, I would be watching to see if she develops any of the same responses. I'm certainly no expert, but I don't know how Hospice or anyone could say that your Mom was, "neurologically" gone, unless some sort of brain scan was performed to test brain function?

I've also always heard that a dying person might suddenly have a *burst* of energy in the last days of their life but what you describe with your Mom seems completely extraordinary. Is Hospice monoriting vital statistics and the like?

This ride truly is like being on a roller coaster and despite all the ups and downs, it ain't over 'til it's over.

Keeping your Mom in my prayers.


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Lori, I am completely convinced that your Mama is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, gonna do things on HER OWN TERMS.... and in HER OWN TIME... and my God she will continue to amaze us all until she feels her job is done here... GOD BLESS THIS REMARKABLE LADY...

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That is exactly what my mother has done this week! On Wednesday, hospice told me she was actively dying. I rushed to be with her and it surely seemed that she was going to pass any minute.

She is still hanging on. Even the Hospice Dr. cannot believe it! Best wishes to you and your family. You will all be in my prayers,


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my dad did the same exact thing as well....when he came home for hospice ( it was on a Fri. ) the drs. said he wouldn't last the weekend. He had no IV's, wasn't eating, and of course the morphine pump w/ other meds.

To much of everyones' suprise, he came home, starting eating, I even made him some filet migeon!, and drinking, he even tried to walk, but at least we could get him to sit up....he enjoyed his grandchildren and my mom and us "kids" ---- he lasted almost 2 months.

I was so greatful that he got his last wish to be at home with his family. I know he didn't want to leave us, I think that is what made him stay with us for so long.

I'm saying prayers for your mom, she's got many people wishing the best for her!


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