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Blessings To All of You!


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My name is Melissa and I have been reading all of the incredible stories on this board for a few days. I wanted to introduce myself and wanted to applaud you all for your strength and tenacity in fighting this disease and for the awesome way you share hope with the others on this board


We received mom's dx of NSLC-Stage IIIB 8 years ago. A 'tickle' in her throat was the only outward sign that she had...I do not have to tell you all about this roller coaster it is more treatments than any human should have to endure and for sure, it is a ride we are all on. Now, mom is doing pretty well-her last PET in May showed the 3 previous Brain Mets, thyroid and adrenal gland mets are gone. While the original tumor appears 'dead' there are others in both lungs now, the docs are having a hard time telling the diff between scar tissue, fluid and tumor in her right lung...my mom has never topped smiling and is not using her O2 much at all the last few weeks-her 'memory' has come back(guessing because the tumors in Brain are gone)and she is going back to work after taking a 6 week leave on Sept 20th.

I am so moved to see you all bless each other with support, hope and love, this is what life is about, helping each other-I would like to bless each of you as you have blessed others if you will allow.

I am starting a non-profit org to donate paintings to chemo centers and would like to make an offer to everyone on this board. Can I send you each a painting with an inspirational message on it? Take a look at my website-I am at




You can read more about why I started this project, see my work and more about my mom's story on the Mission Statement Page. I have donated to mom's doc, and 2 other cancer tx centers in dallas as well as the ronnie mac house for kids here

The only string in this offer is that you continue to share your brilliant light with the world! The world really needs it!

I will cover postage etc and would consider myself blessed to give you this gift...just PM me or email me thru my site and I will get to work on your painting!

Rainbows of healing light and Brightest Blessings to all!


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Hi and welcome Melissa,

Thanks for sharing you Moms amazing and inspirational story, the positive impact of survival stories is enormous !

What a kind and generous person you are to share your art and heart with us all.

Continued good health and happiness to you and your family.

Warmest regards,


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Welcome here Melissa,

Your moms story is really inspiring. She is such a coureageous woman and she is so lucky to have such a wonderful caring daughter at her side.

I love your art work. You can tell was done from your heart. And bless your heart you are a good soul.

Maryanne :wink:

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Thanks for the Heads Up Katie-

I just spoke to Lunar pages my hosting service and some hacker got in and is defacing index pages-intermittent problem they expect to have resolved soon...what a shocker to see that stuff...

Anyway-thanks to all of you for the warm and kind welcome-I am certainly humbled by your shared journies and am grateful to have found this place..

Talk with you soon and those of you that requested pics they are in creation now :)

Hugs to all


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