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pain from surgery


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I was wondering how long you all had pain from surgery? I had my "top" left lung removed July 10th, some days I hardly notice it unless I cough or sneeze but for the last several days it has been quite painful, hard to sit up for long, feels "tight", hard time, at times, standing up straight :? Also, does the chemo effect any of this? I just had my 2nd round of Taxol/Carboplatin Tuesday, I have numbness, tingling, stomach upset, habds and feet hurt, exhaustion and sometimes "chemobrain" :roll:

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Your pain should be getting better. But it takes a few months to get past the pain issue. You may have a little ways to go yet! As my doctor once told me when I said it hurts when I cough, he said, "don't cough"! :roll::wink:

Chemo will do all kinds of stuff to you. Being tired is one of them, Nausea is another, numbness....??? where is your numbness and tingling? It can cause those things as well. If your tired, then you NEED to rest. Resting is very important during your treatments. Drink LOT'S AND LOT'S AND LOT'S of water all during your treatments. Dehydation is VERY COMMON during chemo. It's not fun if and when that happens.

Anti-nausea meds should help with the upset stomach (but not always) otherwise, you NEED to keep your Chemo doc up to date on what your feeling and what is going on. That is VERY IMPORTANT TO DO! This is NOTHING you ever second guess. Always, but ALWAYS tell you doctor and nurses what your feeling like.

Good luck and hope you'll stay with us. Your not alone in this boat!

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I had surgery in June and in the middle of August that year, all of a sudden, I developed an intense pain right at the incision site that wrapped all around my ribcage and even involved my left breast.

My oncologist thought I strained a muscle and put me on muscle relaxers for a while, which didn't work. I really think that I irritated a nerve somehow as it didn't feel like anything I ever experienced, and believe me, I've had my share of muscle strains and sore muscles.

It did eventually go away, but it seems like your time frame for this is about when mine occurred.

I hope you feel better soon. BTW, that sneezing thing will probably be painful for a long time. It still hurts me when I sneeze, but that's a small price to pay for having my health back again.


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Everything is related to each other. The pain will leave just give it time. Some heal faster than others but in the long run the pain does subside.

Hang in there, get some good pain meds and you will be fine.

Maryanne :wink:

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:D Thank you all! You guys are so great! Don't know what I would have done without you thro' all of this! I was just wondering how much of it was "normal"...the day before I was released from the hospital we had a bad wind storm come thro', I was in my hospital room alone and stood up to straighten out my sheets. I heard a noise behind me and turned just in time to see the window fly open towards me...they aren't supposed to open! :shock: I automatically threw up both arms to block it and i'm glad I did! The windows are about 6ft X 4 ft and very heavy! Anyway, it almost knocked me down but I managed to push it shut and shove a heavy chair up against it. When the window blew open it swept all the papers off the table and the bulletin board and slammed the room door shut! The nurses came running in and fixed everything and called maintainance to fix the window. I was in some severe pain :cry: after that but went home the next day anyway. Maybe this pain is normal...I only know it hurts sometimes. Don't have anything to to compare it to so I have to assume it's supposed to be this way.
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Hi, I'm just new here, so this answer to your post is a little late. I had rt. upper lobe removed and part of ribs in Oct. 2004, and I'm still having pain. I have almost constant pain in my rt. shoulder blade - that is where the pain first occured when I was diagnosed with NSCLC. When I ask about why I still have the pain I always get because they had to cut through a lot of muscle and nerves and I will probably always have some pain. And I probably have scar tissue also. Mine feels swollen also and rt. breast feels very heavy. I understand they had to do a lot of "patching" inside so I wouldn't "collapse". One of the Dr. assistants who watched my operation, told me he had never seen anything like what my surgeon had to do to keep me together after removing ribs. I feel like I have on 1/2 a lead vest or something. But, I'm alive and in remission, so I try not to complain too much, although having a nagging pain all the time is a "pain in the you know what". Take care.....

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Healing hurts.

First there's the severe pain of the fresh cut...ya get past that and there's the sharp pains of the nerves healing...and then the itching - the itching of a spot that you just can't find...ah yes, scrambled nerves...and then there's burning, searing pains....and sometimes there's heartburn thrown in...and back pain...

...and ANY quick movement (I threw a snowball) can just about knock you on your butt with a severe owie!

I'm over three years out from surgery and still get itches in a spot I just can't reach. The signal says it's my back, but my husband scratches for me and it's just not there.

ANY SEVERE PAIN SHOULD BE REPORTED TO EITHER YOUR GP, YOUR SURGEON, OR YOUR ONCOLOGIST (OR ALL THREE). SEVERE PAIN is NOT normal. Also, if you are having pain, you should probably ask about a pain medication or take simple motrin/Advil. Talk to your doctor about a dosage above what is recommended on the bottle.

Good luck to you!


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