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Prayers needed again.


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I am sorry this update is not better but at least the fevers are lower. That is a positive. Hopefully once they figure out the source of the infection and get it treated a new game plan can come into play.

Keep positive, as difficult as that is.

Sending tons and tons of prayers and postive thoughts,



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Quick update:

My Father has been having some low grade fevers: 100 degrees after they stopped his antibiotics.

I had posted a question in regards to the growth of the liver tumor on a cyberknife website. The two doctors that responded said that it can sometimes take a few months before the swelling goes down and that could be the cause of the "growth." One doctor also wrote that the necrosis could be the cause of the increase white blood cells.

I also called and spoke to my Father's rad. onc. He did not even know that he was at Beth Israel right now. My Father's doc at the hospital said that he was going to contact him. Well, I informed him that he had the outpatient scans done that was ordered by him. I explained to him that the doc said that it grew, the rad onc said that he would need to look at the slides himself to determine what is going on. He's supposed to get back to me today. He did say that it is possible that the cyberknife did not work. Ugh. This is all so disheartening.

Please pray that it's only swelling and the true results of the cyberknife have not been determined yet.

P.S. My Father does not need to wear a mask anymore nor do myself and my family when we visit. I guess they ruled out TB. Yay for small victories.

Sometimes I feel that he will never get out of the hospital.

Praying hard myself,


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