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He's 29. Will he make it to 30? 10/2 UPDATE


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Dear Friends,

My son is seriously ill, again with pancreatitis, but it's even worse this time than it was in April 2005. He's been in the hospital now for eight days and he's being fed intravenously. Today he was very weak and having a fever up and down. His prognosis is anybody's guess. There can be so many complications with pancreatitis, and he really has it very bad this time. I refuse to believe the worst prognosis, but I can't sugar coat it, either!

I'm so worried about him - I love him so much! I know he's a rascal, but it doesn't matter to me. I still love him with all my heart. When I met you all, I had four men in my life. I'm now down to two. Please pray that it stays that way!

I know I haven't been here or posting very much, but I haven't stop checking up on all of you and I will never stop loving you. I know you already have so many to pray for, but could you please squeeze in a little prayer for my son. Well, a BIG prayer would be nice, too!

And for those of you who will come back and ask how am I doing, I'll just answer ahead of time. All I can say is that I'm tired. After being caregiver to my mom, my grandma, my dad, Don, and now my son, I'm just tired. I'm tired of hospitals, doctors, nurses, ER, worrying, and seeing my loved ones suffer and be in pain and die. I'm just tired. It doesn't matter if it's lc or what the disease is, it just gets to you after a while.

I'm sure I'll be ok. I try to think of my Nana that I loved with all my heart, who was very strong. She lived to be 98 and, of course, at that age, she pretty much lost everyone that she loved. In spite of that she always had a smile, and at age 98, she still always told a joke to anyone who would listen. Whenever I think of her, then I can smile.

Thank you for any prayer for my son!

All my love,


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I too only want the best for your son...it isn't fair!...you know my heart is going out to you tonite, I have told people before, I can deal w/ adults being sick, ( my dad, husband ), but when it comes to my children, I panick and get besides myself. So I feel that pain as one mother to another.

But your son is young, that is a very good thing in his favor. I know his drs. will try everything they can.

Peggy, I'm praying for you and your son tonite.....I'm here for you...


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Dear Peggy

I was worried that something like this was happening after your last pm.

Please know that I am sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way. I hope that Mike's pancreatitis can be brought under control successfully very soon, and that you are able to draw some strength from this community that loves you so....


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I remember vividly '05 and the pancreatitis. I also remember being in awe of you and all you were handling with your son and Don at the same time. You are such a remarkable woman, Peggy, and in my eyes your ability to come through adversity is beyond my comprehension. Where I would have crumbled, you emerge so strong. Many prayers are already on their way to you. May God wrap His arms around you with comfort and strength to guide you through this latest challenge. You are never far from my thoughts....................for as I remind you often....................you were the first to befriend this newbie and I am indebted to you.

We all will be waiting for updates, Peggy, good or bad. So when you can................just a few words to keep us all in the loop.



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As we have discussed, our children afford us the greatest joy and the greatest sorrow. I have a dear friend that had horrendous pancreatitis, doubted that he would make it. He did and is enjoying life to the fullest. The only things are he can't drink ever and he has diabetes, I think from all the steroids.

The good Lord has put too much on your plate these last few years. I hope Mike recovers quickly and completely and that there is only sunshine in your life for a long time.

Keep us posted, we care and we are there with you in spirit and prayer.

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Thank you all so much! Just a quick update. Mike is about the same, but a little better than yesterday. I was very sad and worried yesterday because he was just so sick and so weak. I was just so afraid .... well, you know. Today he is a little better, so I think maybe the intravenous feeding is helping some. He hadn't had any food or nutrition for a week, so I'm sure all the vitamins, potassium, etc. in the iv are helping him with strength. His pain is still floating between 7 and 9, and the fever keeps jumping from 98 to 100. He has some congestion in his lungs, too, so they have started him on an antibiotic.

One other thing that's a little scary is that he was having bad chest and arm pain tonight so they took him down for a chest x-ray to be sure the feeding tube is in the right spot. I think this stuff goes either directly into his heart or around it or something like that. Maybe one of the nurses/experts on here could explain it better than I can.

I'm off to bed. Thanks again for the prayers, and I am praying for all of you, too. Lori, I'm praying for you and your mom, Tina for your dad, Kasey for Fred (and Fred for YOU), for Lucie, for Grace's husband, for Katie's sad week, for Sue's health, and for you, too, Frank, etc., etc., etc. And Becky, you are in my prayers for some calm in your life! See, I'm still reading.......

Love you all!


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