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Laughter works!

Donna G

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Just saw a great show on the science channel. They said, proven scientifically that laughter reduces pain in half! Sure is worth a try, and at least you can have fun trying! the show will be on again twice on Sept, 28th, 06


Donna G

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Hi just saw your post and thought I would add this:

I was diagnosed a little over year ago, and when I went to pulmonologist for staging, he told me this:

"I am so glad to see your smiling face" and he quoted Proverbs (dont know it exactly) that says "a cheerful heart is the best physician, a sad heart drys up the bones". That really impressed me, because the blood is made in the bone marrow.

Of course, it helps that I always wear my boots and cowboy hat and people automatically smile at me and I smile back :)

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