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Biopsy results post surgery


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Well, we had our follow-up appt. post removal of my dh's upper left lobe and he is healing just fine. The bad news is that some of the lymph nodes were positive (four out of twenty). They were consistent with the primary tumor which by the way was 10 cm. He has now been restaged to 3A. We have appt's in a couple of weeks with a radiologist and oncologist. The concensus of the cancer review board was a lower dosage of chemo given at the same time as radiation.

I am so disappointed to have gone from IB to 3A. Sometimes I think I am more scared than my husband who would rather know as little as possible and rely upon me to be his knowledgable cheerleader. Anyway, looks like we need to regroup and get ready for battle.

Thanks for reading and your support.


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I am sorry the results were not so great. Your husband has a great advocate in YOU. I do hope the doctors will come up with a very successful line of treatment.

Remember.. we are all here to help you through this. Keep us posted.

Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family,


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I hope you are getting some encouragement here Mendy, People will come out of the woodwork as there are so many with your husbands staging who are doing just fine.

Put those boxing gloves on him and begin to fight. Never give up!! He has a good women in his corner.

Keep a positive attitude and just give him all the encouragement you can. He can beat this!

Remember and very important, we are always here for you for questions, support or prayers.

Maryanne :wink:

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