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Mom gets her PET and CT tomorrow..


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Praying for you and mom and family.

I love the reminder verse on your profile.

I reminding you now: He does work ALL things for good who love Him and are called accoording to His purposes.

Hang on to Him as tightly as you can. He is the real place of refuge and strength.

Grace & Peace,


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Thank you for your prayers, keep 'em coming!

The stupid insurance (dad recently retired, it's cobra, and it's suppossed to run out next month...) denied her PET!!! She was only able to get the CT today. They're going to try and talk to the insurance tomorrow, after talking to the doc about the ct scan results.

Someone told her to ck into getting ss, disability, but she's never really worked outside the home, so can you draw dad's?? We don't know anything about all this stuff, guess we're soon to find out!

Thanks again for all your support! what would I do without you guys?!



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Well, she had the ct scan today, then this afternoon, they get a call back saying the PET has been approved! Praise GOD! So, she won't see the doc tomorrow after all. He wants to wait til after the PET. The PET is scheduled for next Thursday.

Thanks for your prayers and for the reminder, Kelly!

God bless,


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