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It feels like forever

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My hubby just had test time and the report came back "overall good" bones mets are questionable whether they are healing or still spreading like last time. Dr. has ordered more tests to clarify.

We are happy with the results because well it was mostly good. However he is still being told that he has a long way to go on chemo. He has had 10 treatments. The dr. can't give us answers I want to hear about what to expect. We have been told it is more difficult to treat (i think he said shrink) a mixed lung cancer. He also has reminded of how extensive dh cancer is. Ugh!

I just hate cancer. I want my husband well. I'm scared the cancer will starting winning if he doesn't get well soon enough. Is that even possible? I just don't know where this is going.

Sorry to unload but it is so hard to carry that cancer anger by myself and you guys are so understanding. Thank you!

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Welcome. So sorry you and your husband have to go through all this at so young an age. Vent anytime. That's one of the things we do frequently here. Many of us have to settle for "stable", "some shrinkage", "slight increase" - that sort of thing. We see all that as positive. As long as the beast isn't growing significantly. This LC is not black and white -- much gray area. So hang in there with us. Blessings. Don

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Boy do I know what you are going thru. You have to take it one moment at a time. That is how I am trying to get thru all of this.

Make sure you keep the lines of communication open w/ your husbands' dr/drs., and if there is anything you don't understand ask, ask, ask!

And also please come here and ask....we've all been thru alot, and perhaps in some of our "moments" we can help each other out!


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