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Update on Connie B, from Connie B.

Connie B

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Hello to ALL my wonderful friends and family!!!

Oh how I miss you ALL! I'm sorry to say that my recovery isn't going as well as I had hoped it would, ALTHOUGH I AM doing well, but it just seems to be taking longer then I had hoped for. I have still been very tired and just don't have any GET UP AND GO, it GOT UP AND WENT. Having some problems constentrating and staying focused. but I'm sure it all has to do with some of the Med's I am on. (this to shall pass)!

I do have some GOOD NEWS however. As some of you know, my surgery didn't go as well as I had hoped it would. They opened me up and ended up closing me up because of bleeding problems with my (one and only lung)! Well, Low and behold I have to go back in about 6 to 8 weeks to have this (NON-CANCEROUS MYXOMA TUMOR) in my heart removed. (bummer) HOWEVER, my SURGEON is 90-95% sure that the Nodule in my upper right lung which is 6 mm in size is NOT lung cancer. He has said it several times to me and other doctor's that it did NOT feel like a cancerous tumor to him when he was in their. However, at this time, what the game plan is, is to keep a close watch on it by doing CT/PET scans on a regular basis. So, I think that is good news????!!! So, we are at the WAIT AND WATCH stage on that on. However, that tumor in my heart HAS to come out as soon as I feel up to it he said. :roll::roll:

I haven't been reading much of the board these days, but I have read a couple very SAD messages regarding our Dear friend Cathy and Katie having lost the Dear and WONDERFUL DAD'S!!! :cry::cry::cry: I wish my arms could reach you both in this time of sadness. My love and support to you both during this painful time.

I also noticed that our Wonderful Friend Judy B is not doing to HOT!!!

((((((((((((((JUDY))))))))))))))). Hang in there buddy!! Much love and support being sent to you.

I owe SOOOO many one on one messages to so many of you and I just want you all to know I do intend to get on that real soon!!

I had two very wonderful phone calls during my ordeal from my Dear and Wonderful, AWESOME friends, Fay A, and Estelle. I plan on calling you both next week. (LOVE AND HUGS TO YOU BOTH)!! And I just want to send you both WELL WISHES that your chemo's are going well for you both. I know you are both on chemo. :(

My David P. When is a good time to call you???? I OWE YOU A PHONE CALL and I want to hear my friends voice and follow up on my promise. So let me know when a good time is for you please???!! Thank you!

Well Everyone, I am going to close for now, but I really hope to be back on the board VERY SOON!!!

My LOVE AND SUPPORT is being sent to you ALL!!! BOY do I have a LOT of catching up to do!!! WOW!!! You are ALL so very very SPECIAL TO ME!

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Hey Connie, I've been meaning to email you but I'm still pretty busy with

fundraising - I've helped raise $14 000.00 already, and I've just got started at my school. I had an assembly on Wednesday where I showed video of my two television interviews and footage of my race highlights that my girls took. I then gave students a choice whether to raise money through pledges by coloring their hair, or shaving their heads in support for the Cops for Cancer bike ride. I had 32 students and 6 teachers come out of the stands willing to have their heads shaved, and 200 students volunteer to color their hair and raise money!!! :shock: Now I have to find enough temporary hair dye for all those kids. :? Two days after the assembly many kids were telling me they had already filled their pledge sheet with over $100 and $200, and could they have another one!! We could raise as much as $20 000.00 more, for a total of $34 000.00!!

I'll fill you in more when you phone.

Our time difference is two hours. If you can call me at 9:00 am your time on Monday morning, you'll get me just before I head off to work at 7:00.

Talk to you then Connie, Bud.


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Ahhh Yesss, Thanks for the post Connie, :):):) So very glad your back with us; missed ya, :) and happy your back on the recovery road, no matter how bumpy, :roll::roll: ; Please remember, take your time and do get your rest.

God bless, get well, and lots of ((((hugs))))) to ya

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insisrt on enjoying life today"

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Good to hear from you. Too bad the overall report couldn't have been better, but knowing you you are just resting up so you can kick *ss the next time. I am done with the chemo (I hope). I have a scan a week from Tuesday and then we will know for sure what happens next.

You take care of yourself and get all the rest you can get.

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Dear Connie-

This is soooo typically you!!! Thinking of and being concerned for everyone else!

I was THRILLED to hear that the lung mass is probably not cancer...I'll be praying that continues to hold true. You know you are my thoughts and heart. Take good care and get strong enough to finish off that heart problem with a flourish. Love ya'!

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:lol: Connie ,

I think that your non cancerous tumors is a great sign. You are in my

daily prayers. I'm doing okay. All done with my treatments. Just weak.

Keep us posted and put on some toe tappin music.

God Bless You and your family,



age 61, dx 12/01 Adenocarcinoma Stage 11B ,No follow up.4/02 Spread

to lymph nodes, 6 chemo treatments Stage 4, NSCLC, 7/03 two brain mets, (one surgically removed) other Gamma Knife surgery 15 whole

head radiation.

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Connie, I've been absent from this forum for a long, long time...too long.

I've been volleying emails with Judy B - she relayed to me that you

were going in for surgery.... I've been thinking of you, sending best wishes ever since but ......just hadn't made it back to forum. (Before her surgery became Reality, I had asked her to convey my wishes to you.)

I've just started afresh, re-registered (had problems getting on) and archived your ("update from Connie" ) post.

Oh yes! Great news! You'll be getting your strength back -- definetely~

You'll be strong for routing out dat BENIGN tumor in your heart and then'll be good for another 100,000 miles ~~~ Connie, maybe you should just mark it off as a sledgehammer message from Above to slow down for awhile. Good lesson. Relax. You're an amazingly strong woman with a heart as vast as the sky. Now is time to take care of yourself.

You may not remember me, Connie. I knew you from the acor list and you tipped me to this group as you were leaving. Remember I asked you once (via email) how/when you just realized you'd gone on with your life despite the spectre of this *$&@() disease forever sitting on your shoulder? It was still whispering in my ear...(You told me it took you 3 -4 years to "let go" and move on...)

That's about where I'm at now... (dx. 3/2000 , Stage IIIa, inoperable, since tx ended NED - kaheanahora!) Think I used to sign off as

"Barbara from Arizona" lightyears ago...

Anyway, I'm careening good wishes your way, Connie....

with all my heart.


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