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Cheryl Ferguson

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Several of you have tried to PM me, I'm sorry but you will have to use my E-mail address. The Administation has restricted my ability to use the private messaging forum. I lost most of my E-mail addresses when I switched to the laptop and was going to contact Don Wood, and many others, with my new information. This is where I learned of the restriction applied to my account. All I want to do is help others with situations I have experienced and receive support myself. Thanks to all who replied to me. If you have tried to PM me, just know that due to the restriction to my account, I can't use it and I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't replying to them. I will continue to post in the forums as long as I am able,or asked to leave.


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I sent a test PM to you so you can see if it's back working. I was having troubles with my account too for a week or more. I know how frustrating it can feel. I wanted to yank my hair out. Or someone else's lol. Anyone's. Didn't matter. lol.

You still working, Cheryl? Tending to your horse? Doing volunteer work? What's the update on Cheryl?

Cindi o'h

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