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Mom has a UTI

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How freaking unbelievable is that? We told the nurses that she went into a coma last time when she had a UTI, but both nurses who saw mom said that a UTI was not causing a coma and no response to pain or eye dilation. Well, her nurse came today after a urine sample taken on Tuesday to tell us she does have a UTI that we as a family could choose to treat or not.

SF surprised me when he asked why wouldn't we? I said mom has chosen treatment up til now, so go for it. She said the antibiotics should start taking care of it by Saturday, so we will see then if she is feeling any better/is any more lively/has any less pain.

I am not mad at the nurses, I'm not. I will not be so quick to trust them next time, but I am not mad.

I am elated that we may have more time together. shi_, we may even do Thanksgiving together this year. A girl can hope...

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Ah Lori,

Your post always make my heart melt and my eyes flood with tears! Cling tightly to these precious moments and every ounce of that hope that you are so wonderful at expressing!

Glad to hear that SF suprized you with his response to treatment and you didn't have to "do battle" with him over it. Praying that the antibotics help and Rocky continues to WOW us all for a long time to come!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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