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Cheryl Ferguson

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I Had chemo today and met with doctors. My brain report was stable. The CT of the chest was o.k,. some nodules increased ever so slightly. Largest one went from 2.2 to 2.3cm, it was partially cavitated. There was a slight increase in tiny little nodules in both my lungs......Enough of a question to warrant another scan in a month. It won't be the first time changes have appeared so, as far as I'm concerned, not too awful of a report. I've had apparent "new" lesions" in the brain before and was even on the verge of steriotactic surgery when, at ther last minute, the Neuro Surgeon decided to take one more scan only to find those "suspicous lesions" to have not shown up on the follow up. All the more for second opinions to confirm.

The worst thing to happen was I had 8 needle sticks today. They could'nt get any blood from my veins, oh OUCH!!!!! The nurses had a lot of trouble getting blood.

Cindi "Oh"....To answer you,, I paint, and also do some counseling to those that can't afford it. I am still insured and have my license. Weather permiting, I work with my 3 horses. We only got 2 inches of rain over the summer months and 50 days of 100*- plus heat which means no grass or hay(or water for in the ponds). That's Texas weather for Ya! Hope you are doing well... sounds like you are as we were diagnosed at about the same time....Keep up the good work!


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Hey Cheryl.

Sounds like your scans aren't too awful. Wait and see is the game we play. After this long we somehow almost get used to it. The cavitation is a good thing? Does that mean the tumor is blowing up from the inside out? Or caving in on itself? Dying. Right?

Yep. I am doing all right. Still weak. And short of breath. Oh well.

Coming up on 4 years since dx. Nov. it will have been 4 years. With advanced disease and all the other stuff I've had going on, it's a miracle I am still kicking. You too!

Are you up for something with a big fat olive in it? Chilled and UP, of course. Maryanne loves her martinis. She is quite particular about how they are served.

We've got stuff to celebrate!

Cindi o'h

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Thanks Cindy- Don... Yep, if you combined Lucies, Cindy's, and my signatures, It kinda looks like WW-III,Ha! So glad to hear Miss Lucie is holding her own! I just love her and have been keeping up with her progress!

How about a "Bloody Mary" for me, Cindy? Glad to see that thru it all, you have managed to keep things runnin'@ the Pub! You go girl! Congrats on the oncoming 4 year anniversary! I thought we were dx'd at about the same time, but I can see that you've got 7 months on me! That's like 5 years in cancer talk.... Sorry to jip ya on that one! Ha!


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