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You're just not gonna believe this!!!


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Hello Everyone,

My Mom who was dx w/Stage 4 (extended) sclc in June has had so many problems with her Chemo, I can't even keep count or begin to list them. She was hospitalized 3 times in 3 months and each time we thought we might lose her. Now comes the good part!! My Mom had a consultation with a radiologist because of the brain met. She told us an MRI and CAT Scan showed NO, I repeat NO signs of tumors anywhere. Not in her lung, not in her brain, Nowhere!!! She did caution us that tumors can recur and they will be giving her whole head radiation for 3 wks (15 min each day) as a precaution. My sister had said to the Dr. "My Mom was dx with sclc in June" the Dr. replied, "Not anymore". She said she knew that the Chemo was really rough and just about killed my Mom, BUT the Chemo was even worse on the tumors. So for all of you out there who get a dx that you don't think you can turn around.....THINK AGAIN!!!! We were all in shock and a little afraid to believe, did we actually get this lucky? Many thanks to all who helped me and continue to help by posting. I will keep you posted on the outcome of the radiation. Mom is a little scared. The Dr says she will lose all her hair with radiation. Can you believe she didn't lose it during Chemo?!! I say tough noogies on the hair thing, My Mom beat cancer, even if I can only say it for a day, a week, a month or however long, right now everything is groovy.


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