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Scan results today


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The results are in, and it's GOOD news. There was shrinkage all around. The two nodules that measured almost 1cm shrunk by 30% and 12%, and the 4.4 cm tumor also decreased. There was no measurement on the tumor as the CT scan was not the same view so they had no comparison, but the report said decrease in size. The fluid that had started to build up is now entirely gone, and the lymph nodes have shrunk down to almost normal size. The cancer in the lining is stable ...maybe next time. The plan is to continue for two cycles (had one today), scan again, hope for even better news, and then two more cycles followed by monthly maintenance on Avastin.

I'm sitting down and having an O'Douls (too tired for the real thing), and I'm going to watch a movie with the kids until I fall asleep on the couch.

Thank you God, and all you good people on this board.


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I was elated to hear your good news on the phone. But unlike you.............I have celebrated with thr REAL thing here.......Fred too. We have not stopped thanking God since your call. Yes to even more success next time. At the Boston walk we will be running laps of happiness!!!!!

Loving you so much,

Aunt Kasey.........and Uncle Fred wants in on this too :wink: !

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