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From caregiver to patient


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Hello everyone ~

I have some very good news - my daughter and her husband moved here to FL from Baltimore. They arrived last week and have been busy settling in, unpacking and going on job interviews. Their presence in our day-to-day lives will be a huge help as well as a huge comfort for both me and my son.

Of course, this is one of this happy/sad things - although I am very, very grateful that they were willing to do this for us, I am also very sad that it is necessary for them to do this. This is NOT what I wanted for my daughter's life.

I've always been the caretaker - I really am the poster child for Codependents Anonymous!! :lol: Not only did I take care of both my parents and my husband for many years before they died, my father-in-law and an elderly great-aunt but I've always had a child/children to take care of. It's been a very difficult transition for me to go from the caretaker to recipient of the care. Although at this time I don't need a full-time caregiver, it is very, very nice to have the assistance, comfort and companionship.

They decided to move here now because it is important to all of us that my son have a stable and consistent home enviroment. As my daughter said "There might be icky things happening and it's very important that we be together to make our memories and deal with whatever comes our way." She is a very wise woman and I am blessed that she is my daughter.

So I am dealing with this change and it's not been easy - I have always been so fiercely independent!!! But I am learning to accept their kindness and thoughtfulness as well as celebrate their presence in our daily lives.

The Taxotere treatment hasn't been too bad so far. I find that the worse part is the fatigue days 2-6 after chemo. Since I tolerated the first round of the trial medication without any problems, the dosage was increased for the second round of chemo. I get a second CT scan on Tuesday and I am keeping my fingers crossed for good results.

I am sending all kinds of positive thoughts to everyone -

Pam in FL

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Hi Pam,

How great your daughter is moving here. When I moved here, my sister moved here too. And it's a wonderful thing. First, I have company (we are both single), and second, she is there for me when I have problems needing help. Even just an MRI, which I need a valium for...

I'm sure you will enjoy your daughter - and it's great for your son as well.

I'm also on the taxotere and getting my first CT scan next week. I'm hoping it works. My big negative is that I do get very tired and I've had a lttle neoprophy (sp?). Other than that - quite good.


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