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leg aches after radiation

betty boop

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Hi Betty.

I had achy legs but I think it was from the chemo rather than the radiation.

I take comfort when you say legs (pleural) instead of leg (singular). I think if it were one rather than both there may be concern for a clot or your heart not pumping well enough. Just guessing, here.

I cannot think of a reason that your legs would be aching from the radiation unless your spinal cord was injured.

I guess a remote possibility might be Eaton-Lambert Syndrome, that is if you have other characteristics of the syndrome.

Cindi o'h

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Betty, Radiation did that to me as well, the more I did, the more achey and tired I got. Glad to hear you are handling the treatments. I have some nueropathy(numbness)in my feet from chemo still, but other than that, no other sympyoms. I had 28 radiation treatments three years ago... the cumulative effects soon wore off.

Wishing you the best,


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I am better today, just rested alot and didn't go to work. I think I just over did it on Fri and Sat doing preparations for my 13 year olds birthday. We had 32 teenagers at a picnic by the river at our house on Sat evening. I was up and about for 6 hours that Sat. I guess I will just have to learn to pace myself better.

Thanks for your replies.

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