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Breath of Life Update


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Didn't know where to post this. We are officially kicking off our foundation on Charlie's birthday on Sept. 14th. Charlie would have been 54 and has almost been gone 5 months now. Here are the particulars:

Breath of Life Support Foundation

Mission: Offering hope and encouragement to lung cancer patients and their families by providing financial support to cover needed expenses associated with cancer and its treatments.

To-date, we have donated 4 portable DVD players to 2 chemo rooms and have collected approximately 115 new and used DVDs to go with them. We are also putting Bible verses in each DVD and included 2 sets of ear buds to go with each player. They are easy to clean and allow a family member to watch the DVD with the patient.

I am very excited about this foundation and hope to start directly supporting lung cancer patients very soon while giving more DVD players to other cancer facilities.

We hope to go national with this down the road...so get ready.

Please pray for us to be successful in helping all those touched by this horrible disease. Please PM or email (breathoflife@charter.net) me if you have suggestions for us or need additional information. Take care.

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Charlie continues to smile down and watch over you as you go forward with this project. I am sure he is proud of everry stride you make to help people during this very trying time in their lives. Fingers Crossed and Prayers Sent.

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