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Two lung cancers at once?


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I am sorry to hear about your dad. Two cancers must be a real shock.

I am not sure about others here on the board with two cancers, but I have personally run across two woman, one with both BAC and NSCLC and another with SC and NSC. I haven't followed the person with SC/NSC, BUT ....

My friend that has the diagnosis similiar to your fathers is doing very well right now and is cancer free! I believe she just came home from a motorcycle trip.

Please don't lose hope!!! You have alot of friends here praying for your family, me included,


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Oh Andrea ~

I've been following all your posts about your Dad and kept hoping and praying that this was all just some funky infection or silly little problem. Right now it sounds like it is going to be a major challenge for your Dad and all those who love him.

I am going to continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and keep hoping for some silly little problem.

With a gentle hug,

Pam in FL

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Thanks for all your support! You are right Katie, we don't know anything for sure which is making it more confusing for the doctors.

It is like do they biopsy the brain before surgery on the lung, it is a coin toss. The Mayo Path said "rare atypical cells, suspicious for low-grade neoplasm".

It was also thrown out do they do chemo first if it is Stage IV, but again, how do you give chemo without a firm answer.

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I had BAC, which (I believe) is a form of NSCLC.

My nodule was surgically removed, and while I was on the table they did a path. When it came back malignant, they removed the entire lobe.

When I woke up from surgery they knew iit was BAC.

Did they biopsy more then one nodule?

BAC can be "multi follicular", so there is always the possiblity of more than one malignant nodule.

Sorry for all that is happening.


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I know that not everything is cancer. They just biopsied the one with atypical cells. However the surgeon feels that he could have BAC in the smaller spread out nodules; and possibly NSCLC (or a bengin thing) in the nodule they biopsied.

The surgeon was the most alarmist of all teh drs yet

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you can search google for "mplc synchronous metachronous" if you want more info

I read the multiple primary lung cancers occur about .5% (1/200) Not extremely rare

If there is no lymph nodes involved I think they can do surgery on multiple primaries if lung capacity is available and the nodules arent spread too much

Low grade (slow growing) is a good word from the path. Though they usually do not respond to chemo too well.

If it is BAC also then that is usually lower grade and as Gail pointed out it is often multi-follicular

If it BAC then tarceva might be an option, though he had problems with Iressa. The Drs will know what to do

You can ask if the new cancer is an atypical carcinoid. I am not sure if the "atypical" word means atypical carcinoid or not.

There is a new drug that someone posted on here for carcinoids

http://www.pharmalive.com/News/index.cf ... egoryid=15

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I'm so sorry that they're not being more definitive about all this......too many what if's. We all know about the waiting game, sometimes I think it's harder than hearing the actual news.

I have everything crossed for some good news, remember that nothing's for sure yet.

Take care


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has there been a radon test on your patents home? I am just wondering because both of my parents had LC as well at the same time, (we just didn't get dads dx until after moms passing.) And before we moved in here we had a radon test done on the house. Now there could have been other factors as well. Mom worked in a building full of asbestos and dad worked in a metal foundry and who knows whats floating in the air there.

just asking...

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