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Cyberknife Treatment


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Went yesterday and today To Cyberknife in San Diego.

Had consultation with Nuerosurgeon and Radiation Onc.

I am a candidate for CK. I will receive 5 treatments to the brain (Cerabellum) to remove tumor. Had two previous surgeries, now this. Nuerosurgeon and Radiation Onc said 100% effective 90% of the time.

Today we did a high resolution MRI and yesterday CT. THe two will be married together for mapping and treatment next week. This treatment is state of the art and new technology.

The staff there is very professional and the doctor's are phenominal. I look forward to starting treatment...

I would like to ask for your prayers...

Thank You.



I will keep you posted

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Thank you all for your prayers. Without your support I would be so lost. My cyber family...Thank you, Thank you.

My first treatment for CK is Friday 9/22. I will then have the remaining 4tx on the following Monday, Tuesday, Wed and Friday... I will be glad to get this over...

Thanks for your support,


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Karen, I'm just now seeing this! I'm sorry you're having to go through this, but sounds like you have a great game plan and good doctors!

I'm keeping you in my prayers, and God is keeping you in His hands. What better place to be?! :)

Many (((hugs)) and prayers for you!


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