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Getting to Know You - September 13


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Where I am in PA it is raining and cold. It has been doing this off and on for days. it's probably about 60.. feels like 50.

We haven't seen the sun in forever and it might as well get used to it.. PA never sees the sun. Although I hear we may get one last glimpse friday and saturday.

I hate Pennsylvania..... :cry::cry::cry:

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Here in central Florida, we're in the 90's again today. Our "fall" usually doesn't happen until around November. Oh, how I miss the fall season. In Tennessee, we used to have the most beautiful colors of leaves. There would be a nice chill in the air.

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A typical Vt fall day...........60 (almost a summer temp!) and showers, in other words pretty miserable!

We have some trees that are more red than green but most are just beginning to turn. The red will look wonderful in a few more weeks but.......it heralds the onset of that blasted white stuff.

By the way Ann - you can go off people real fast when they tell you how warm it is where they live (that goes for you too Katie)!!


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