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New To Board, Just Wanted To Introduce Myself


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Hello and Welcome Linda,

I am glad you have posted and joined our family here. As you are already aware this is such a warm and caring community.

Please keep posting, let us know how you are and how things are going and most importantly, let us know how we can help you!

We are here for you, just tell us what you need and know that there will be someone along to accomodate you as best we can.

Prayers and all the best to you,


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muaaaah! I love you sis. I know we talked on the phone this morning, but just wanted to welcome you here to this great group!! (I told you they are all terrific).

I hope the Dr. has good news for you today, but remember, if you don't understand or like his answers, we'll find a Dr. that better suits your wants and needs. I wish I were closer to you, I would be sitting beside you, but I'm there in thought and will talk to you this evening. Please don't be afraid to ask this group anything. This is where I've read all the information that I've been giving you to pass along to the Dr's.


MarMar & your bratty sister :lol:

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Hi everyone, This is (marmar) Linda's sister. She had her oncologist appt. last wednesday. He said all of the cancer had shrunk considerably,(Ext. Sclc) her blood count is good, the only downside to the visit was, they found a very very small spot now on her left lung (wasn't any in left lung previously). So, Linda is taking this as a "stable" diagnosis, and taking two weeks and going to the beach by herself. She has her cell phone and records with her, we can keep in close contact with her. She doesn't have a computer at the beach with her, so I'm updating for her. Thank you for all the warm welcomes and prayers for her.

Her Sister Mary (Marmar)

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