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Dad made it to the NAVY REUNION!!!


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Dad is in St. Louis at his yearly Naval reunion with his buddies. It was his goal to make it there and he fought the battle and made it!! My brother is there with our Stepmom and Dad. We flew them to Kansas City and my brother took them from there after several days of rest. He called today and is on cloud nine. His first onc. told him he would not make it this long and his second onc. inspired him....forgot the odds....He told me today that he knows now that anything is possible for him. I love that man. He is 71 and his spirit is so strong...He said he told the guys that he would host it in Pittsburgh next year and they had better all be there no matter what.....and I truly believe he will be here to host it....thank all of you for your prayers for Dad...keep fighting and keep believing cause miracles are happening...

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Great news!!!!

I am so happy for your father. I know what it meant for my Buddy to be able to go to Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago. It really lifts their spirit. Buddy made a comment yesterday as to how happy he was that he went to Myrtle Beach..

My Buddy is a former Navy man too...you can't keep an old navy man down.....they keep coming back up to surface....

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Here's another family member of a Navy man! Dad was a cdr.; he loved those reunions! Sad, they say the Navy isn't as cohesive as it was back when he was in it. My Dad had such respect and fondness for his Navy buddies. They all had such a great time together! I'm sure your Dad will show them one heck of a good time next year!

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