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Chest CT revealed multiple nodules


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After what seemed liked the longest 2 weeks of my life, I had a followup chest CT after an abdominal CT revealed a single indeterminate pulmonary nodule in my lower right lung with spiculated margins (1.2 cm). I have chronic active hepatitis B and experiencing discomfort behind my lower right ribs, which is why I had a CT (scan found no abnormalities with my liver).

My nonsmoking aunt died from lc last year--stage I when discovered, removed by surgery--reoccurred 2 years later, and she was gone in 8 months.

My pulmonologist met with me following the chest CT and we looked at the results together. He said the lower lobe rt nodule first found in the abdominal CT was unchanged.

He found several other nodules--there was one in my upper right lobe around 4mm with a halo around it (he called it broken glass) that in total measured around 11mm. There were at least 2-3 other nodules he pointed out, and 1-2 of them were in my left lung.

Pulmonologist said the finding of more nodules was indicative of bacterial, inflammatory, or scar tissue--not lc. He said, who knows, it could be from your hep b, a kind of allergic reaction to the virus--everyone's body reacts differently. This one sounded really far-fetched to me and I googled away and could not find any instance of lung nodules attributed to hep b.

Because of my age (39), nonsmoking history, and lack of any other symptoms, he thinks it is safe to just monitor for 2 years with my next CT in 3 months.

I've also been seeing an oncologist who's been tracking some slightly enlarged lymph nodes in my neck for the past 18 months. He extended the CT scan to include my neck, and I see him next Monday.

He already set me up with a surgeon to do a biopsy of one of the neck nodes, although the final decision is pending the CT scan findings. When I mentioned the possible biopsy to the pulmonologist, he said he thought it was a good idea, and to let him know what the outcome was because it may shed light on the lung nodules.

I called the pulmonologist's office the next afternoon to get a copy of the Chest CT report and the doctor's report. I got a message that I had to come in to see the doc so he could go over the CT report with me. But he already looked at the actual scan with me, why would he have to go over the report unless there are different interpretations from his own? Maybe he forgot that he already met with me? I'm a little perturbed.

So ... many nodules = a good thing? Am I supposed to feel better with this kind of finding?

Thanks for all your support--it really helps.


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My dad is dealing with that too. I think they said multiple is usually less likely to be cancer, but you never know. I am hoping it is nothing for you to worry about! Someone here just posted in Family/Caregiver forum that she had multiple nodules and it was deemed nothing to worry about.

Keep us posted!

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I think the question is, are you comfortable with this? It very well might be nothing, but then again it might be something. There is a history of LC in your family so you have every reason to consider it a possibility, as unlikiely as it may seem. As soon as I saw your docs. comments on your age and nonsmoking history I got really mad. I too am 39 and a lifelong nonsmoker. When I went to the doc. for a cough they treated me for pneumonia, and when antibiotics didn't work and I pushed for more, telling my doc that there is LC in my family, she told me the exact same thing. You're young, you've never smoked, it is very unlikely it's LC. But guess what? After two months we finally get a diagnosis of advanced stage LC.

I don't want to scare you, I just think you need to do what feels right, and if you're not comfortable with what you're being told, get another opinion.

I am hoping for the best for you.


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Thank you, all for your support and advice. The pulmonologist is insistent that he will not release the CT report unless he can go over it with me, so I'm going back next week to check it out.

I'm not comfortable yet, but not as worried as before.


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Letting you know I am thinking of you and have you in my prayers.

Just a little advice for you. If you are not 100% comfortable with this dr, get a 2nd opinion. It never hurts to have someone else go over the tests and give you their take on things.

Keep us posted,



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Carole, if you are being monitored with a ct scan every three months to check the nodules for change, I would be comfortable with that.

When I have a scan done, I have the scanning departement send a copy adressed to me so that I don't have to wait for an appointment with my oncologist to get the results. I had my copy sent to the local clinic and then I picked it up a week ahead of my appointment. Of course, if you want to maintain a good relationship with your pulmonolgist, and like him, I suppose you should yield to showing up for the reading and then get your report. My oncologist does not care if I get the report before he sees me. The RN nurse does not like it, but then that is her only fault.

Don M

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